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How To Start A Batting Cage Facility: ShellCage vs Individual Batting Cages

The first in our series of articles on How To Start A Batting Cage Facility tackles a question that we probably get asked more often than any other by our customers looking to start a batting cage facility: “Should I put in a ShellCage or individual batting cages?”

What is a ShellCage?

First off, we should probably talk a little bit about what a ShellCage is. A ShellCage is simply a large tunnel cage that typically reaches from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. The ShellCage is then divided up into a number of tunnels with retractable divider curtains. When the divider curtains are collapsed against the wall, the large tunnel stays in place, creating a “shell” around the large open area, which can be utilized for a variety of team and group activities.


Of course, you can also collapse individual cages along the overhead cable lines to create a large open area. However, it can be quicker and easier to collapse a single divider curtain in a shellcage rather than an entire tunnel. And once you’ve collapsed your individual tunnels, you won’t have the added protection of an overhead shell.

Is It More Cost-Effective to Have a ShellCage or Individual Cage?

This is a natural next question when considering a ShellCage for your facility, but the answer can be complicated, and depends on a number of factors. Typically a ShellCage requires less netting, but more hardware. More often than not, the costs between the two types are similar, but the added versatility of the ShellCage can make it a better deal.

The Final Word: ShellCage vs Individual Cages

ShellCages offer the benefits of individual batting cages, with the added flexibility of easily creating a large open area for team activities.

Individual batting cages are a great choice when space is limited, or in a large open space where the benefit of a shell net is minimal.

The ShellCage has grown in popularity every year since we’ve offered it. If you have a large open space that can be utilized for a variety of activities, than the ShellCage is almost certainly right for you.


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