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Custom Putting Greens – How to Build Your Own in 5 Steps

More golfers are realizing the benefits to their short game by adding a putting green to their home or office. Our SYNLawn greens can be custom shaped to conform with your space. Adding a rough / chipping area nearby to practice green approach is becoming more popular as well, since 80% of shots lost to par are inside 125 yards.



3 Styles of Putting Greens

1) Portable – Greenmaker


These greens are custom shaped, with molded undulations, fringe, & snap-fit together panels to make relocation simple. Perfect for those golfers who don’t want a long-term space commitment, or may wish to take to events for entertainment.

2) In-Ground Putting Green


For the serious golfer, these can be shaped as needed with rolling undulations, sand-traps and rough with multiple cups for directional putting practice.



3) Portable Putting Green Mat


The same professional turf, without the panels. This is simply a section of turf formed to your custom shape, which can be rolled up for storage or transportation. Objects can always be added underneath such as wood platforms, pillows etc. to increase the difficultly level.


Now let’s learn the 5 Steps to Building a Portable Putting Green

1) Select your turf. Be sure to order a little extra, to allow for trimming / waste. For example, if you’d like a green that measures 13′ x 10′, you would order a roll of turf at 15′ x 10′. All rolls come standard in 15’W, but can ordered to any length. SYNLawn Precision Putt is quite simply the finest artificial putting surface on the planet. The Stimp (without infill) consistently  measures between 9.5 – 10.5, in BOTH directions.
2015-07-28 15.43.37


2) Shape it up. Unroll the turf, and flip over. Use a garden hose to form the pattern you prefer – get creative! Trace the hose with a pen or marker.
2015-07-28 15.53.09
2015-07-28 15.55.56


3) Cut into shape. Use a high-quality carpet cutting blade, to follow the pattern.
Tip: Use a section of turf outside your putting green area to practice using the blade & get comfortable with curves. The key to cutting a smooth arc is confidence, thinking ahead on where your blade is going next, and just going for it. If you make a mistake you can always trim later with your blade or sharp shears.
2015-07-28 16.49.17


4) Fringe / apron / collar. If you’d like a fringe, acquire some longer-blade turf such as SYNLawn Bermuda. Lay-out the fringe upside-down, and trace the shape of the green on the back of the fringe. Proceed to cut the fringe. The fringe sections can be attached with glue using seaming fabric, or double-sided tape can also be used for a less permanent installation.
2015-07-31 15.40.02
2015-07-31 15.43.20


5) Cups / Targets. For those who want cups in a fixed location, proceed to cut your holes. Otherwise acquire some above-ground targets as shown in the picture below for target practice.
Most above-ground portable putting green mats won’t have enough depth to install a real cup (unless you install materials underneath to raise in the area of the cups), so above-ground cups / targets work best for this application.


Swing away & enjoy your new custom shaped putting green!

We custom design & install putting greens in Nebraska & Iowa. Give us a call at 402-592-2000 or email us for an estimate and start building your dream green today!



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