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6 products that gave an Omaha sports facility an EXTREME MAKE-OVER..

Practice Sports got the call from Mic Johnston one late summer afternoon, on a Tuesday, in Omaha, NE.

The Vision

Mic had the vision. And a darn good one. All he needed now was industry expertise, cutting edge equipment .. and a team of pro-grade installers. He made the right phone call.Mic had big dreams of re-branding a local sports facility .. but he didn’t just want a few tweaks. He wanted a complete overhaul, from floor to ceiling.

The Equipment

1) New & improved basketball court tiles, with a maple finish.

2) New wall padding.. but bigger and better.
3) Add rubber flooring for the new weight-room ..
4) Throw in some speed turf for strength & power training … make that BLACK speed turf .. make that black speed turf with WHITE YARD LINES & HASH MARKS.
5) Oh and how about some custom pole pads for safety, and a new & improved sliding barrier netting system to contain the basketballs.Anything else?

6) Oh yes, how about custom laser embossed basketballs with the new company logo?

Check. Check. And check.

The Planning & Design

Practice Sports set the wheels in motion, and got busy with the planning & design phase. Chad from PS met with Mic on multiple occasions to layout the court, and measure for the custom padding, netting, rubber flooring & turf.

The measurements were sent to the factories, and the installation team was scheduled. Chad helped receive the equipment at the facility to stage for the crew.

The Installation

Once the installers arrived, everything began taking shape.
First, the cable was run for the sliding divider netting.
Next, the floor was scraped and leveled to eliminate the low spots which would create a “bottoming out” effect when walking & dribbling on the rubber & court tiles.
Then, the court was laid out to the inch. Rubber underlayment was installed for shock absorption. After that, the court tiles went down, piece by piece.
Next up, the transition between the court & the turf area to eliminate tripping. Then the turf was installed, and after that the rubber flooring.
The wall & column padding were next, followed by the backboard pads.
The court was rolled out to lock all tiles in place, swept and cleaned. And finally the lines were painted black & white to distinguish between high-school & collegiate 3 point lines.

The Finished Product

Practice Sports is proud to present .. The Factory basketball training complex, and Progressive Fitness.
Check them out for one of Omaha’s premier sports training facilities – with cutting edge equipment & elite trainers!
Thanks to Mic & Kasey for the opportunity to work together! You guys are class acts.Chad & Crew

Practice Sports (Play, Inc.)
14706 Giles Rd. Omaha, NE 68138

800.877.6787 x801 | 402.592.2000 | Fax: 800.577.3046
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