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Proof all Artificial Grass is Not Created Equal: Part 3 of 4

Side-by-Side Comparison of 2 Leading Turf Brands

The Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas elected to run this test, to select the best turf for their property. This shows how difficult the decision can be, because it’s such an important decision in terms of investment and brand image.

SYNLawn is on the Right, and a major competitor is on the Left


A couple more views:


Close-up shot:

One one side, bright green grass standing tall. On the other side, flattened, faded and shiny resemblance of what are very clearly "fake" grass blades.
On one side, bright green artificial grass (from SYNLawn) standing tall. On the other side, a flattened, faded and shiny resemblance of very “fake” looking grass.

Initially the Wynn Hotel could not justify spending the extra money on a SYNLawn artificial grass product they were unfamiliar with; so they selected 2 “equally rated” products from 2 of the leading landscaping turf manufacturers. Both were rated for high foot traffic, and both experienced the same pedestrian traffic leading from the parking lot to the hotel.

Tangible Value

After this experiment, the proof was in the green pudding, and the evidence easily justified the extra cost. The Wynn Hotel decided it was well worth spending a little more money up-front, to save money over the subsequent 10-20 years – so has since added SYNLawn to some areas of their property.

Intangible Value

In addition, a higher quality turf gives the hotel a more luxurious appearance, helping to reinforce the first-class brand the Wynn Hotel strives for.

Next in Part 4, learn about How Turf is Made, and typical Life-spans & product Warranties.


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