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Proof all Artificial Grass is Not Created Equal: Part 2 of 4

When Artificial Grass Attacks

What’s the worst that could happen?

The worst case scenario in buying low-quality turf, is a total yard or field replacement after just a few short years.

China is a big culprit in the “low-quality turf game”. They have began selling dirt cheap turf to major players in the US, who handle it like any other commodity.

The result – turf that fades or falls apart in a short period of time; flattens out; melts and / or gets extremely hot in the sun.

Here’s a picture of artificial grass purchased from a large “wholesale store”, that began fading from the sun after only 1 year of exposure. This picture and actual customer review are posted on their website.

White Streaking caused by UV breakdown
White Streaking caused by UV breakdown 

And it’s not as easy as you would think to hold some manufacturers to their warranty, as you’ll read more about in Part 4. This can become a nightmare for home-owners – far from a DIY project.

Why DIY is not always SMART

Turf installation is a highly skilled craft, which takes years of practice to perfect.  Cutting, seaming, sub-base prep, proper anchoring on the edges, infill top-dressing, grooming – it’s a highly technical service. There are many tricks to the trade, making a BIG difference in the end product presentation and performance.

Incorrect installation technique
Incorrect installation technique


DIY is often not the answer with artificial grass
DIY is often not the answer with artificial grass
Look at the "thatch" in the base of the turf. It's not supposed to be WHITE. But it faded in the sun after 2 years. Major issue.
Look at the “thatch” in the base of the turf. It’s not supposed to be WHITE. But it faded in the sun after a few years. Major issue.



The thatch is a bottom layer of shorter turf blades, designed to make the artificial grass look more realistic. This is supposed to be tan, mimicking the effect of real grass. Here’s another view of the white thatch issue.

Next in Part 3, we detail a side-by-side “FOOT-TRAFFIC TEST” – comparing 2 leading turf brands.

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