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Custom Wall Padding Timeline

Dear Practice Sports, I am working for a TV project in which we need 5 wall panels in color yellow and 5 wall panels in red. Measures 2×6 Do you have them available ? Regards Ricardo ————————————————— Hi Ricardo, Thanks for contacting us. What product were you needing? Is this for wall padding or vinyl […]

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How to Hang Wall Padding

Hi, I don’t quite understand how the Z-channel works to connect your wall padding to the wall, can you please explain? Layla ————————————————— Hi Layla, Thanks for contacting us about the Z-Channel. This product is an angled channel that needs to be attached to the wall and to the back of the wall padding. As […]

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6 products that gave an Omaha sports facility an EXTREME MAKE-OVER..

Practice Sports got the call from Mic Johnston one late summer afternoon, on a Tuesday, in Omaha, NE. The Vision Mic had the vision. And a darn good one. All he needed now was industry expertise, cutting edge equipment .. and a team of pro-grade installers. He made the right phone call.Mic had big dreams […]

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