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CurtainCage with LineLift Kit

I just had a question on the drop line for a CurtainCage. We already have a net which is 15’h, if we have our horizontal cable lines at 18′ how long of drop lines should we purchase? Thanks, Shep ————————————————— Hi Shep, Thanks for contacting us. With any net you want to keep at least […]

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Indoor Batting Cage

I have a shop that is about 30x30x17 feet. I’d like to put in a cage that will be used for lacrosse, baseball, and golf. It needs to be retractable because we also use the space for basketball. I need the cables to run as high to the ceiling as possible so the drop down […]

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7 Best Tips to Install a Batting Cage + 5 DON’T DO’s…

Indoor Batting Cage Installation Kits How do you build an indoor batting cage? What hardware do I need? We get this question DAILY at Practice Sports. And we’re here to help you identify the best installation method for your needs. We’ve installed batting cages for over 15 years, so understand the nuances for what makes a […]

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How To Start A Batting Cage Facility

The Practice Sports Playbook is already home to a great number of articles on everything from batting cages to sports athletic multi-game courts, and over the past few years it has become the best source of sports equipment knowledge on the internet. Now, we’re looking to expand that body of knowledge by creating a series […]

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