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Golf Net Specs

how would you compare your netting to nylon netting as far as uv resistance is concerned? Thanks, Wyatt ————————————————— Hi Wyatt, The poly netting is treated with a UV inhibitor, the same as the nylon netting. Sunlight will still affect the life-span of the net but the treatment will definitely help to expand the esimated […]

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Golf Netting Differences

What is the difference between this golf barrier netting—Driving-Range-Barrier-Nettingand the custom # 18 or #36 netting? Thanks, Mike ————————————————— Hi Mike, Thanks for inquiring about our netting. The main differences between the Cimarron 25′ x 150′ Golf Course/Driving Range Barrier Netting—Driving-Range-Barrier-Nettingand our #18 & #36 options are that the 25′ x 150′ net […]

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