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Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Buying Artificial Grass … lessons from an installer

Without an insider’s view, buying turf could cost you thousands more than it should. Or create years of headaches. At SYNLawn, we not only follow the industry’s top standards, we innovate and lead the way for how turf should be produced, and installed. Here’s a quick look at the 5 most common mistakes we’ve encountered […]

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Artificial Pet Grass Installation in Omaha Backyard – solves muddy dog problems

Play, Inc. had the pleasure of installing over 3,000 square feet of artificial grass for a home-owner in the Dundee District in Omaha. This family has 2 large energetic dogs, with a perpetually muddy backyard due to the shade, paw traffic and ground moisture. This posed an everyday problem, as the family dreaded letting the […]

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Proof all Artificial Grass is Not Created Equal: Part 1 of 4

In this detailed turf review with photos, we highlight why it’s so important to do your homework before selecting an artificial turf installer. Part 1: Evolution of Turf / How It’s Made Part 2: When Artificial Grass Attacks / The Worst That Can Happen Part 3: Side-by-Side Comparison of 2 Leading Turf Brands / Real Foot-Traffic Test Part […]

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Which surface creates the safest playgrounds…

Playground surfacing is serious business. With playset heights reaching the moon these days (upwards of 15+ ft), it’s critical to have a soft surface at the bottom – since what goes up will eventually come down. The reality is kids will fall, and injuries will happen. Minimizing those injuries is the key. Play, Inc. (DBA […]

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3 Benefits of using Artificial Grass at Schools

There are 3 main advantages to using synthetic turf in play areas. 1) Cost Savings Artificial grass is more expensive up front, but will save you money over the course of several years. The average “break even” timeframe is 7 years. This is the timeline in which your initial investment in artificial turf will equal […]

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Installation Guide for Outdoor Artificial Turf

Installing synthetic turf outdoors is a process. While not incredibly technical, there are key steps to ensure your turf area looks good, performs well, and doesn’t get washed away. 3 Keys to success: Proper excavation Solid base Anchoring the turf Excavation / Installation of Base Foundation The first step is to clear the area for […]

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