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Swing Kingdom Vinyl Playsets


Swing Kingdom is the premier vinyl playset manufacturer in the country.  What distinguishes their products are the vinyl covering which acts like a shell, protecting the playset’s wood base structure from environmental elements resulting in a longer life span. Swing Kingdom designs and builds the strongest and most durable vinyl playsets, swing sets, and playhouses available for children on the market today.  As the biggest vinyl playset manufacturer in the United States, Swing Kingdom has a proven reputation of premium craftsmanship and innovative design.

Children at Play on Swing Kingdom Playset

The construction of Swing Kingdom playsets use the same high quality building materials used in modern residential home construction.  In addition, Swing Kingdom playsets are fully customizable allowing for the future addition of accessories and the expansion of the base structure. Choose your features and build your own custom set using our Swing Kingdom Custom Playset Designer.


The vinyl shell placed over the wood structure base allows for a longer service life since vinyl has up to five times the tensile strength and four times the flexibility of traditional wood playsets.  The wood base is constructed of Wolmanized® wood.  Wolmanized® wood is treated with a copper-based preservative and an efficacious fungicide which protects against termites and fungal decay.  Other non vinyl protected playsets need to be re-stained over a several year time frame which can be cumbersome and time consuming since many of the plastic add-on components have to be removed in order to get full stain coverage.  With the vinyl protection over the Wolmanized wood base, the necessity to re-stain the playsets are eliminated.

Swing Kingdom Double Tower Playset

Many people are also concerned about the vinyl covering becoming too hot in direct summer sunlight.  Although the vinyl may become be hotter in sunlight, it’s no more than what you’d see in a standard wood playset structure.  The vinyl is also immune to warping in hot conditions.

The vinyl is constructed with an effective UV inhibitor that offers protection from harmful UV rays, vastly reducing color fading from sun exposure.  Cleaning the playsets are extremely simple – you simply need a hose, glass cleaner, and a soft brush to get rid of dirt and debris build-up.  This, in addition to the unnecessary requirement to paint or stain the set, makes Swing Kingdom the lowest maintenance option on the market.

The swing set components are constructed with powder coated stainless steel so rust will never be an issue.  The swing hangers themselves are designed to be squeak free as well.  The slides are more durable than what you’d find in the competitor’s units as well.  They have a double wall construction, making them physically larger and much stronger than compared to the industry standards.

Swing Kingdom also offers a full array of fun add-ons including steering wheels, spot lights, a telescope, binoculars, a mega phone, fiberglass window panels, picnic tables, activity panels, & even a fire pole.  There are even water adapters to allow you to run water on the slide to create a unique water feature.

Water Slide Adapter Add-On

Swing Kingdom offers an industry best 20 year warranty on the main structure and a 5 year warranty on the add-on small components.


With concentrated efforts to get children to play outside more frequently and for longer periods, Swing Kingdom playsets are a great option for kids of all ages. These playsets can also add value to your home.  This is something that many people don’t take into account.  There is a common misconception that playsets in backyards are eyesores, distracting from the overall appeal of the home, which can be true.  When done correctly, backyard playsets can be a beautiful addition to your home.  This can be accomplished much easier with a Swing Kingdom unit.  Perhaps you have seen dilapidated, rusty, neglected playsets but with Swing Kingdom those aren’t problems that will occur.  Also consider the landscaping that can be done around the play area, making the playset an attractive feature for families with children of any age.

Swing Kingdom Custom Backyard Playset

Since Swing Kingdom playsets can be expanded, you always have the option to purchase a smaller model and expand the set in the future as your child ages.  You can also change the features.  For example you can change out a ladder for a climber.  Grass and dirt are not ideal base surfaces for the playset.  Instead, opt to place your play structure on a material like shredded rubber, mulch, sand or pea gravel.

Swing Kingdom Playhouse

Aside from the innovative designs, Swing Kingdom uses environmentally safe materials for all their base units and components as well as making sure there are no exposed edges that can hurt children, so you can assured all of the playsets offered are completely safe.  All of the above features and design aspects exemplify why Swing Kingdom is your best option when it comes to a durable, low maintenance, & innovative playset for your home.

Swing Kingdom Kastle TowerSwing Kingdom Mountain Climber

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