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Golf & Sports Simulator Review – with star ratings

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The following info is provided as a comparison tool and a information resource for golf simulators.  Residential golf simulators are a great training facilitator in addition to creating an endless entertainment value for the whole family.  Many of today’s golf simulators offer a wide array of shot statistics and feedback including detailed info on ball striking, ball flight and club swing to help both weekend and everyday golfers improve their game.  A majority of these systems also allow for home theater implementation as well as provide alternate sports applications (e.g. football, soccer, & baseball).


The purchase of indoor golf simulators can require a significant investment. They are high tech electronic devices that cost anywhere from $5,000.00 up to $90,000 per unit.  It can be difficult for a buyer unfamiliar with the technology to make an informed decision. We have complied a dedicated info resource to help you decide which system best fits your needs.

First let’s review the 3 Main Types of Simulators.

A) Hitting Mat

B) Launch Monitors

C) Complete Enclosure (portable vs permanent)


Hitting mat simulators are the most basic form of golf simulation at home. They’re a huge step up from Nintendo Wii or Xbox, as they allow you to use actual golf clubs & take full swings. OptiShot makes the most popular form of a hitting mat simulator, and their technology has really come a long way.

The biggest difference between this type of simulator & others is that hitting mat sims require you to supply your own enclosure, computer & TV. In addition, the accuracy is limited due to the sensors for projecting ball flight being located behind the tee box. This means the main method for projecting flight is limited to club speed. And as most golfers know, club speed does not automatically = distance. The only true way ball data can be measured to project distance & accuracy, is by using overhead & side cameras to follow the actual flight of the ball to measure distance traveled & read ball spin / angle.

The biggest benefits of a hitting mat simulator (portability), are also the biggest weaknesses. It’s a great introductory step into the golf simulator world, but most professional golfers will soon outgrow these systems and begin to notice the deficiencies.


Launch Monitors are excellent for portability. They allow use on an actual golf driving range, or in your own backyard. Linked to a computer display, they provide a multitude of stats & feedback on your shots & form. Many professional golf trainers use launch monitors to help with their coaching.


These systems can also be used indoors, but they lag behind in overall performance when compared to a true full enclosure simulator which uses overhead high-speed cameras. Since launch monitors need to be portable, they are limited to using inferior radar technology or cameras which either only track club speed, or are limited to only tracking the ball for a maximum of about 12 inches, opposed to several feet.

Additionally, launch monitors must be relocated to accommodate left-handed golfers, or vice versa.


Full Enclosure Simulators are primarily used indoors, and offer the top technology for the most precise game simulation possible. Most full enclosure simulators are a permanent installation, built-into a home or commercial space. However, there are some free-standing enclosures made by companies such as TruGolf which can be transferred and even used outdoors. The tricky part with outdoor use is that natural light is a simulator’s worst enemy. Without a full seal, natural light will penetrate making the screen difficult to see, and taking away from the overall experience. Overall, these simulators are best used indoors.

Who uses a Full Enclosure Simulator?

Professional golfers and instructors will almost always use a full enclosure simulator, in lieu of a launch monitor indoors. But like all products, all full-enclosure simulators are not created equal, which makes the process even more confusing to find the best model for your level of use.

The 3 technologies employed are stereoscopic camera, infrared, and optical tracking. The quality is listed in order of best to less best. None are “bad”, but as tech has evolved it has been proven that high-speed cameras are the best method for the most accurate ball tracking.

Next comes the placement of the cameras, and # of cameras. From there comes the software used to display the ball flight and courses. After that, the hardware is the next most important aspect. Below is an overview to help you decide which simulator is the best fit for your application.

We sell & install all types of simulators, so contact us anytime for advice or a quote. 402-592-2000 or

Shopping Tips

  • First, check out how long the simulator manufacturer has been in business. You do not want to buy from a company who may not be in business 2 years from now.
  • If there is one single feature that will bring you back to play again and again, it is the realism of play on the golf course. Ideally you would initially want to shoot similar to your handicap which would ensure the simulator is close to the real thing as possible.
  • There are several basic features that directly affect realism of play. There are two types of basic graphics available: one is computer-rendered graphics, the other is a reproduction of photos. The main difference between the two graphic options are photo graphics are not 3-dimensional. They do not recognize the lay of the course including contours and vertical obstructions. Computer generated graphics have the advantage of being truly 3-dimensional and can provide the user with many viewing options not available on other simulators. However, all systems that use computer rendered graphics are not equal. It will all depend on the implementation of the respective companies software in relation to the camera and sensor system used.
  • The type of sensor system is also very important. Some systems can track and calculate ball spin and others do not have that ability (although they may try to convince you they can). If the simulator cannot accurately calculate ball spin, it cannot display true ball flight. Which means the machine cannot differentiate between a fade or draw, or a slice or hook.  The result is diminished realism.
  • Allowing options on a golf simulator are also important.  Some provide on-screen putts that are influenced by the shape and slope of the green. Some have no on-screen putting at all which can be a deterrent because the ability to work on both your short game and putting can shave strokes off your round.
  • Cost can be a primary consideration. Just keep in mind to be careful about buying the “low cost” version from any simulator manufacturer. This usually means you will get a cheaper enclosure, a shot feedback, minimum software ability and a projector that is not less than ideal. You can save a few dollars it will be at the expense of lowered quality and performance.
Overview (from the words of the manufacturer)
For over 22 years Sports Coach Systems has manufactured the largest range of golf simulator products available on the market. Our simulators use high speed camera technology to capture swing path, impact and ball flight and deliver an incredibly realistic indoor golf experience for both practice and play. Our range of simulators can be tailored to fit in almost any space from home installations to large commercial golf facilities.
Sports Coach is an excellent value priced camera based system that uses 2 high speed (120 fps) industrial cameras to track swing path, club face angle and ball trajectory data that is used to generate accurate 3 dimensional ball flight characteristics such as launch angle, shot dispersion (draw or fade) and distance.
  • The Sports Coach Systems utilize high speed cameras (2 cameras standard) along with 3D rendered golf course on the screen.
  • Additional camera can be added for full view swing analysis.


  • Records shot performance in 10th of miles per hour and 10ths of a degree for club speed, ball speed, swing path, club face angle, horizontal launch angle, vertical launch angle, distance, carry, back spin, side spin, distance to cup, elevation and lie position.
  • Additional camera is required to record the club swing data.


  • Over 80 golf courses available with an expanding roster of courses.
  • Virtual driving range, putting games, & training games included.
  • Add-on game features additional sports, basketball, baseball, soccer, rugby & more being currently developed.
  • Dedicated computer tower plus touch-screen operation.
  • Free software updates with purchase.
  • Can be used along with game consoles and other multi-media applications to create a home theater with the projector screen.
  • Custom logos can be placed in game to be shown on the courses for corporate & private use.
  • Base model starts at $18,000.00

PLAY Inc.’s Value Verdict

If you’re looking for a rock solid golf simulator (with multi-sport capabilities), and want to stay relatively cost conservative – a Sports Coach simulator is very tough to beat.

Analyzing camera images requires quite a bit of processing time, so there is a detectable delay between when the shot hits the hitting screen and then takes off in the virtual world.   Ball flight, distance, and playability are realistic and accurate, but the ball always starts at the center of the screen no matter where the shot actually hits the screen.  The cameras need to be protected to avoid being struck by an erratic shot.  Lighting and cameras need to be periodically calibrated and adjusted for optimal performance. Overall this is a top-notch professional grade simulator, and can’t be beat in terms of the quality to value ratio.

Value Rating: 4.75 / 5 Stars

Golf Simulator

Virtual Simulator
Sports Simulator
Sports Simulator


Overview (from the words of the manufacturer)
From a luxurious centerpiece of your home, to a proven money-maker for your sports bar, our SwingTrack™ golf and multi-sport simulators define entertainment, precision and excitement.  Our golf simulation features advanced precision in tracking ball speed and spin data, and launch angles. It even offers video playback for swing analysis. Play 18 holes on up to 85 fully rendered golf courses, including the most popular PGA stops. Or practice at the driving range, or the chipping and putting area.  Incredible precision is what makes our golf simulator the best, but multi-sport capability with up to 13 sports including baseball, hockey, football, soccer and more is what makes us one-of-a-kind. And you can enjoy sports anywhere, any time, without having to worry about the weather, finding a venue or tracking down enough team-mates for a game.

  • Visual Sports utilize infrared cameras (4 cameras standard) along with 3D rendered golf courses on screen.
  • Additional Swing Club Track can be added to provide feedback on full club swing.


  • Can track drive distance, launch angle, backspin, club head speed, ball carry, ball trajectory, ball direction, ball speed, side spin, club face angle, club head path & swing path
  • Club swing info can only by tracked by the addition of the Swing Club Track add-on.


  • 86 golf courses currently available plus more available in the future.
  • Additional sports available, hockey, baseball, soccer, football, basketball, boccie, cricket, rugby, carnival games, & zombie dodge ball.
  • Can be integrated for home theater use.
  • Uses dedicated software with touch-screen operation.
  • Software updates are an additional charge.
  • Custom logos can be placed in game to be shown on the courses for corporate & private use.
  • Base model starts at $20,000.00

PLAY Inc.’s Value Verdict

Another great multi-sport simulator – along the same lines as Sports Coach in terms of playability & quality. Higher priced, so not as good of an overall value as SC, but an excellent simulator for the money.

Value Rating: 4.5 / 5 Stars

Virtual Simulator
Virtual Simulator
Sports Simulator
Sports Simulator



Overview (from the words of the manufacturer)

The Full Swing Golf simulator is a turn-key package. It includes a projector, computer, touchscreen, dual ball-tracking technologies, golf course software, enclosure, hitting screen, hitting mat, wiring, and all necessary components to accurately track the ball and realistically simulate golf.

The FSG simulator has many applications. Many customers are focused on game-improvement, teaching and training, and/or club-fitting. Others are focused on entertainment and spending time with friends and family. PGA TOUR pros use their FSG sims for serious practice and data analysis. Whatever application FSG customers have in mind for private or commercial use, the FSG sim is built to perform.
The key to understanding and replicating golf ball flight accurately and instantaneously is to get a reading of the ball itself in flight.  Full Swing’s proprietary infra-red ball detection technology accurately measures golf ball flight using two 360-degree curtains of infrared light beams emitted at 60,000 pulses per second to provide instantaneous readings of the ball in flight.   Based on the infra-red tracking data we know the direction, angle and velocity of the golf balls flight. FSG is the only golf simulation company that knows where the ball will hit the screen before it gets there.The complementary ION2 sensor components are housed in a brushed aluminum housing directly above the golfer. From this position the system views and records the path of the club head as it approaches the ball, the angle of the club head at impact, and the direction and velocity of the ball flight after contact. ION2 dual vision software application calculates spin and accurately predicts the shot shape and then presents data about club head path, angle and ball spin analyzed during the swing.All of the components of the ball flight technology designed for accuracy, high performance and durability. There is no need to mark your golf balls to determine spin or modify your equipment to play golf on a Full Swing system. Maintenance of the system is minimal and calibration is not required after the system is installed in your home so playing and practicing time is maximized.


  • Full Swing utilizes infrared track cameras (2 cameras standard) along with 3D rendered golf courses on screen.
  • Additional camera can be added for full shot feedback.
  • Ion2 Vision Tech-2 cameras, Infrared Light waves track the ball.


  • Records shot performance in 10th of miles per hour and 10ths of a degree for club speed, ball speed, swing path, club face angle, horizontal launch angle, vertical launch angle, distance, carry, back spin, side spin, distance to cup, elevation and lie position.
  • Add-on Swing Catalyst required for club tracking.


  • Course packages available, 30 standard, 57 & 93 packages are additional add-ons.
  • Full Swing Simulators are dedicated to golf.  No other sports are currently available.
  • Can be integrated for home theater use.
  • Dedicated “box” system includes a rigid frame and fabric structure.
  • Touch screen operation.
  • Aside from ball flight accuracy, system focuses on course graphic realism.
  • Models can be customized with in game logos.
  • Models start at $45,000.00

PLAY Inc.’s Value Verdict

A top-tier golf simulator, in every category. Simply the best in terms of quality, accuracy & playability. In a much higher price category than Sports Coach, but overall we consider Full Swing to be the top golf simulator in the business.

Value Rating: 4.0 / 5 Stars

Residential Simulator
Residential Simulator


Overview (from the words of the manufacturer)
High Definition Golf™, the golf simulator that has set the standard for both accuracy and realism in the indoor golf industry.  HD Golf is the only golf simulator that looks and plays like the real thing. It has become the system of choice for top golfers and instructors around the world.  Revolutionary image processing software combines high resolution digital images, satellite data and geophysical data into 3D models of golf courses that not only look real – they are completely accurate everywhere on the course. Every tree, bunker and hazard is faithfully reproduced exactly as you would see it if you were playing the actual course.  Spectacular photo-realistic capabilities capture the true beauty of some of the world’s most renowned courses including: Pebble Beach®, St, Andrews®, Pinehurst®, Kiawah Island®, Spyglass®, Doral®, Harbourtown®, Troon North®, Bethpage Black®, Banff Springs® and many others. This is as close as it gets to the real thing.Pioneers in computer vision technology for ball and club tracking,  HD Golf simulators also provide comprehensive and precise shot analysis. This system has the unique capability to measure all critical ball and club parameters including: ball speed, club speed, launch angle, club face angle, ball spin and spin axis at high accuracy. Integrated training and teaching tools help golfers improve their game.   Extremely reliable and virtually maintenance-free, each HD Golf simulator is custom built in-house using high quality, professional grade components and includes the industry’s best warranty.Camera

  • High Definition Golf uses high speed cameras (2 cameras standard) with 2D photo structuring.
  • The system comes standard with full swing analysis capabilities.


  • Can track drive distance, launch angle, backspin, club head speed, ball carry, ball trajectory, ball direction, ball speed, side spin, club face angle, club head path & swing path.
  • Features Swing Shadowing which allows you to compare your swing on screen to the “perfect” swing.


  • 25 Courses available standard with and expanding roster.
  • Golf training games available including Window Smash 1 & 2; Field Goal Challenge & Tractor Range
  • Can be integrated for home theater use.
  • Dedicated computer tower & touch screen use
  • HD Golf focuses are graphic realism.
  • Models start at $35,000.00

PLAY Inc.’s Value Verdict

An excellent simulator for golf training purposes. There is a very noticeable lag during the shot calculation / tracking period. Marked golf balls are needed for more accurate performance, which can be problematic.  Calibration of the system can be challenging for the end user and can be needed more often than others.

Value Rating:  3.5 / 5 Stars

Residential Simulator
Residential Simulator




TruGolf are the leaders in indoor golf simulator technology with a wide range of golf simulators for all budgets and the best indoor golf simulation software, E6Golf. A TruGolf professional indoor golf simulator is perfect for getting the practice you need, no matter where you live or when you want to play. For avid golfers, golf isn’t just a casual hobby; it’s a passion that involves the constant pursuit of improving your swing and getting a little better than you were the day before. Whether your goal is to make the high school golf team, become a professional PGA golfer, or just beat your buddies in a longest drive competition, regular practice is imperative.

An indoor golf simulator from TruGolf isn’t just any ordinary golf simulator. The precise analytics, easy set-up, and realistic graphics of their affordable models have completely changed the golf simulator industry. With virtual simulations of over 85 world-renowned golf courses and 36 modes of play, you can treat yourself to a different experience every time you turn on your personal golf simulator.


  • TruGolf utilizes optical sensor mat (cameras vary between models) with 3D course rendering.
  • TruTrac tracking system with integrated swing analyzer
  • Add-On TruBalance provides feedback on swing weight transfer.


  • Tracks drive distance, launch angle, backspin, club head speed, ball carry, ball trajectory, ball direction, ball speed, side spin, club face angle, club head path & swing.
  • Swing balance & weight transfer tracked with add-on TruBalance feature.


  • Up to 87 courses available depending on model.
  • Focus is on golf training and simulation.  No other sports currently available.
  • Can be used for home theater use.
  • Dedicated “box” system includes a framing and curtain system that resembles an open box.
  • Dedicated tower and software system.
  • Wide variation of systems available.
  • “Portable” models are available.
  • Models start at $7,995.00

PLAY Inc.’s Value Verdict

TruGolf builds amazing software called E6 – used by many of the other simulator manufacturers. Overall, TG makes a very good but not great simulator in terms of shot accuracy. The reason is due to the ball tracking, which is accomplished by an optical sensor mat. This technology is not as advanced as high-speed stereoscopic cameras. And although it’s protected by a case, it does have the potential for becoming jostled out of calibration by golf clubs & foot traffic, due to the floor location.

Overall this is an excellent option for a portable simulator to use at events and areas where it’s simply not possible or desirable to build into a structure. It’s an excellent value simulator, considering the portability, and turn-key aspect which includes the turf, hitting mat, and enclosure. Most other simulators do not include the flooring. This is as simple as it gets when it comes to set-up – it doesn’t require a professional installer, and won’t require permanent installation like most all other brands.

Value Rating: 4.5 / 5 Stars

Residential Simulator
Residential Simulator



Foresight Sports uses a simple on ball tracking system to record and track ball flight.  Foresight Sports does not need a screen since it only focuses on shot feedback without the need to show the ball flight on screen.  Uses the same industry-leading technology that redefined performance analysis outdoors has also proven to be a game changer for indoor simulation. Powerful enough to drive the world’s most cutting-edge commercial simulation studios yet small enough for tight residential spaces, the Foresights Sports Simulator is as flexible as it is accurate. Two high-speed, high-definition cameras give you a true measurement of performance without compromise, delivering the most realistic virtual golf experience possible.

Play the finest courses in the world in stunning 4K resolution. Build your skills as you compete against friends at home, at a driving range, or with others online. Foresight Sports FSX Performance Software, combined with the power of the GC2, gives you the most true-to-life way to practice, play, and learn the game you love– and then some.



  • GC2 Smart Camera System can track ball flight and club contact.
  • Add-on features must be added for full tracking options – HMT Head Measurement


  • Over 123 Courses available.
  • Focus is on golf training and simulation.  No other sports currently available.
  • ForeSight Sports GC2 software can work with your computer.  No extra computer needed.
  • Additional peripherals are necessary for full shot feedback.
  • Different “Launch Monitors” are available with varying degrees of shot tracking & shot feedback info.
  • Focus is on golf training and simulation.  No other sports currently available.
  • Models start at $8.750.00

PLAY Inc.’s Value Verdict

Foresight is an excellent portable system, which can be used indoors or outdoors. It excels outdoors, but lags behind the pack indoors when compare to true indoor golf simulators. The viewing area from the side of the golfer is quite small and marked balls and clubs are needed to optimize the accuracy. Without an overhead perspective it can’t see club path or ball flight direction – that is calculated.   The unit has to be perfectly aligned to your target line or the data will not report accurately.  Additionally, floor mounted unit is never as durable as an overhead or side-mounted camera system, simply because it gets moved/kicked so often and the performance over time will diminish. Moving the unit for right and left handed golfers is also necessary, which is not desirable in groups that prefer continuous play.

Value Rating:

Outdoor – 4.0 / 5 Stars

Indoor – 3 / 5 Stars

Residential Simulator
Residential Simulator




Golf practice and player development are going through a period of tremendous change, and technology is a central component in that transformation. The mapping of swing DNA is now possible, as is the quantification and comparison of swing feel vs. real. Technology also empowers us to monitor granular swing changes over time. These are just a few, compelling examples of how to unleash talent more effectively.  With TrackMan, you have all those tools to jump ahead. From our groundbreaking club and ball tracking systems to the best performance enhancing software available in the industry today.


  • Trackman Simulator uses a radar synchronized (2 cameras) with high definition 3D graphics.
  • Two radar systems synchronized in time and space: A short range, high-resolution radar, focused on club and impact data & long range, high accuracy ball tracking radar.


  • Performance Enhancing Software
  • System can track club path, face angle, swing direction & spin loft including launch angle, spin rate & curvature for the ball.
  • Uses dual radar technology using a high resolution radar beam
  • Putt tracking is only available on the simulator model.
  • Wireless software integration to touch-screen.
  • Up to a total of 6 cameras can be added for full range of archived swing footage.


  • Over 80 courses available.
  • Trackman’s focus is on golf training, no other sports currently available.
  • Trackman data can be integrated with personal phone or tablet.
  • Simulator model and can be integrated for home theater use.
  • 3 models available Trackman 4, Trackman 3e, & Simulator Trackman
  • Models start at $15,995.00

PLAY Inc.’s Value Verdict

Another excellent outdoor “launch monitor” for use on the driving range.  The system is engineered to use a great deal of space to track and derive ball flight data.  The tracking devices is set up behind the golfer and tracks the ball from impact to it’s landing site.   The paradox is the thing that makes Trackman great on the driving range is what limits its ball flight detection technology indoors.  Trackman just doesn’t perform as well indoors.  Inside, the radar can only watch the ball for a few feet so there is a great deal of extrapolation required to derive ball flight.  Marked balls are also required. There is a long delay between when the ball hits the screen and the virtualization of the golf flight is presented.

Value Rating:

Outdoor – 4.5 / 5 Stars

Indoor – 3 / 5 Stars

Residential Simulator
Residential Simulator
The exact same golf technology used by leading sports retail outlets, elite teaching academies and top ranked universities all over the world; endorsed by the PGA TOUR and The Golf Channel; can also be found where you want it most … in your home.With over 25 years in the golf simulation business, aboutGolf is dedicated to the pursuit of perfection of indoor golf. With deep roots as the world’s number one all-time distributor of computer golf simulation software have given way to revolutionary technology. Characterized by an insatiable desire to push the envelope, aboutGolf continues to challenge convention and think beyond today. They are passionate about golf, particularly indoor golf.Camera

  • aboutGolf uses high-speed, stereoscopic cameras to track the ball and club (3 cameras) with 4K HD resolution.
  • Specially marked balls are used for full ball tracking feedback.


  • Elegant & unobtrusive 3Trak® launch monitor accurately measures ball AND club data.
  • Advanced physics engine, simulates EVERY type of shot
  • aG Flix swing video analysis, complemented by patent pending automatic video lighting solution
  • aG Balance Pro weight AND balance analysis.
  • High definition projected image, up to 4K resolution.


  • Over 60 courses available.
  • Several mini-games available, including mini golf & skeeball
  • Can be integrated to be used a home theater.
  • Different models area available.
  • aboutGolf can tailor their systems to almost any size room, as long as you can swing a club.
  • Models start at $39,000.00

PLAY Inc.’s Value Verdict

If you must play on a simulator that includes all of the actual PGA courses, this is your system. Beyond that, it falls a little short of it’s lofty luster.

Although the technology is relatively advanced, the cameras are located behind the golfer, which means it lacks an overhead perspective on club path & club head data. There is a very noticeable lag during the calculation period, and marked golf balls are needed for added performance. Calibration of the system is challenging for end users and can be needed on a fairly regular basis.

Value Rating: 3.0 / 5 Stars


All of these sport simulators have an expanding number of golf courses available and most are updated with the purchase of the system.  With the continual advances in technology and the wide range of options, choosing a golf simulator can be a daunting task. By understanding the key features of a golf simulator and comparing them to your needs, you can narrow the field rather quickly and hone in on the best choice for you.

If you have any questions on any of these systems, please contact any of our sales associates at 402-592-2000 or visit to learn more & submit a quote request.

Thanks for reading our golf & sport simulator comparison guide.

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  1. Posted May 20, 2016 at 10:58 am | Permalink

    waiting on quote from Chad checking on the status

    • Posted May 20, 2016 at 11:08 am | Permalink

      Hi Michael,
      I sent you an email with more info. If you don’t receive please reply here, or give me a call.

      Thanks for your interest in our golf simulators.

      Chad Schneider | Operations Director

      PLAY, Inc. | Practice Sports, Inc. | 14706 Giles Rd. Omaha, NE 68138
      402.592.2000 | Fax: 800.577.3046 | |

  2. D.O.
    Posted May 31, 2016 at 12:24 am | Permalink

    Thanks for the comparison and reviews.

    I recently heard about Golfzon simulator. They say it’s really big in Korea.
    Do you have any info on Golfzon? Thank you.

    • Posted May 31, 2016 at 11:06 am | Permalink

      Thanks for your comment about our golf simulators. Golfzon simulators look very interesting. We have not installed one as of now, but are certain we are capable of this installation. We are in talks with the company to become a US distributor. I will keep you posted as this develops and we have pricing available.

      Are you looking for a multi-sport simulator, or golf only?

      Thank you.

      Chad Schneider | Operations Director

      PLAY, Inc. | Practice Sports, Inc. | 14706 Giles Rd. Omaha, NE 68138
      402.592.2000 | Fax: 800.577.3046 | |

  3. Posted July 19, 2016 at 7:32 pm | Permalink

    Hi, wondering about the Sports Coach system. How many have you installed in NY, and are they available for a test run?

  4. Ryan Hulcy
    Posted August 8, 2016 at 3:13 pm | Permalink

    Hey, I’m looking to start a sports bar with golf simulators in it. What is the best simulator for my money that doesn’t look awful graphically. Yes I read the article and a lot of good information but I’m not made of money and have gotten to the point to where I can feel that I buy a Protee system and then a projector and build my own computer and buy e6, netting, front screen. Would that be just as good as a system as some of the others?

  5. Anthony DeGennaro
    Posted August 31, 2018 at 5:47 pm | Permalink

    I am looking for a quality golf simulator for use in a teaching studio in golf club. Would need it to have a track man unit integrated and expand-ability to a multi-Sport unit. Please advise of your recommendation
    I can be reached at 732-303-9330 ext. 6 Thank you

  6. Posted August 31, 2018 at 5:50 pm | Permalink

    I am looking to purchase a quality simulator for a teaching studio at golf club. Would need trackman intergrated and expand ability to a muti-sport unit. Please call me at 732-303-9330 ext 6.

    • Posted September 4, 2018 at 4:32 pm | Permalink

      Hi Anthony,
      Thanks for contacting us about our golf simulators. I’m having our national rep contact you to discuss options.

      Chad Schneider | Director of Operations

      PLAY, Inc. | Practice Sports, Inc. | 14706 Giles Rd. Omaha, NE 68138
      402.592.2000 | Fax: 800.577.3046 | |

  7. Daniel Witzman
    Posted April 17, 2019 at 6:12 am | Permalink

    I am looking to install a couple simulators in my pool room. I was looking at the difference between Sports Coach and Full Swing. It appears FS and Sports Coach have merged or something similar. Now FS uses Sports Coach multi sports system. Which is better for golf or are they the same?

    • Posted April 17, 2019 at 11:31 am | Permalink

      Hi Daniel,
      Thanks for reaching out!

      Full Swing has become the North American master distributor for Sports Coach.

      They both offer a very nice system, but are very expensive. In our opinion, TruGolf is the best overall value while maintaining a very high level of playability. We can even get better than retail pricing for you.

      I’ll reach out via email to discuss further.

      Chad Schneider | Director of Operations

      PLAY, Inc. | Practice Sports, Inc. | 14706 Giles Rd. Omaha, NE 68138
      402.592.2000 | Fax: 800.577.3046 | |

  8. Mathew
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    This post was just amazing! Straight to the point and it is a time tested piece of information. It’s really helpful for newbies like me. Very appreciating man! keep sharing. Brilliant piece! keep sharing these kinda posts.

  9. Robert rosen
    Posted November 23, 2019 at 10:31 pm | Permalink

    Do you partner with a company on Long Island ny I am planning a golf simulator room in my house

    • Posted November 26, 2019 at 11:42 am | Permalink

      Hi Robert,
      Thanks for reaching out. Yes, we can help you with a golf simulator for your home. Please see the email I sent you.

      Best regards.
      Chad Schneider
      Practice Sports, Inc.

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