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Practice Sports Playbook Year In Review

The past 12 months was the most popular year for the Practice Sports Playbook ever. Not only did we see increased visitor traffic, but we wrote and posted more articles than in any previous year.

Here are five Playbook articles that helped give our customers the info they needed to help save time and money when researching their latest sports equipment project.

5. Custom Windscreen Calculator


Our Custom Windscreen Calculator is the easiest way to buy custom windscreens on the internet. This August article provided a quick how-to to help get you started.

“The Practice Sports Custom Windscreen Calculator is the easiest way to purchase a custom windscreen on the internet. You can enter your dimensions, select colors, compare a variety of materials, and instantly receive a quote. Some custom windscreen materials can ship in as few as five days.“ Keep reading…

4. Custom Batting Cage Ceiling Brackets

Basic Ceiling Bracket

While it’s ideal to install overhead batting cage cable lines from wall to wall, sometimes there’s no choice but to drop down from existing overhead ceiling structure. This overview of custom ceiling brackets is a great way for our customers (and potential customers) to understand just how they work.

“When choosing to use a CurtainCage system (wall to wall cable kit) which allows you to slide the net on cable lines, sometimes cable lines can’t be anchored into wall whether it’s due to obstructions on the wall or longer gaps between walls.  When this is the case, we have options to anchor the cables off of the ceiling using a custom ceiling bracket.  The following info will help to clear up what exactly the brackets are and what options are available.” Keep reading…

3. Track and Trolley Batting Cage Installation Kits

Trolley in Track, shown is the nylon wheel option.

Our overhead track and trolley batting cage installation kits have gotten more popular every year, and it’s no wonder: with proper existing ceiling structure, they can be easy to install, and they give a clean professional appearance to any batting cage net.

“Our track & trolley systems are the most durable method to use hanging a batting cage net or gym divider curtain.  They can be customized to fit any building and are ideal in both commercial and private facilities.” Keep reading…

2. Turf Halo Kits


Turf halo kits are a great way to protect the most heavily-trafficked area of your baseball diamond, but some aspects of ordering and installation can be confusing. Here’s everything you need to know.

“We get a lot of questions about turf halo kits, so this is a great opportunity to help provide a brief overview of the halo kits we offer at Practice Sports.” Keep reading…

1.Artifical Turf Exposed


This extensive series on navigating through the confusing world of artificial turf has helped many customers become more informed and make better purchase decisions, saving them thousands of potential dollars this year, and making it the most important series of articles we’ve written so far.

“There are more synthetic turf manufacturers than ever before. The good? More variety, and cheaper products. The bad? More confusion, and a watered-down industry.” Keep reading…

Thank you all. Here’s to using 2017 to make the Practice Sports Playbook an even more useful tool for our customers.

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