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Instant Quote For Custom Windscreens

The Practice Sports Custom Windscreen Calculator is the easiest way to purchase a custom windscreen on the internet. You can enter your dimensions, select colors, compare a variety of materials, and instantly receive a quote. Some custom windscreen materials can ship in as few as five days.



Enter Your Dimensions


The first step to purchasing your custom windscreen is to enter your dimensions in the calculator. Here’s a money saving tip: You’ll notice that windscreens are available in standard heights of 3’8″, 5’8″, 6′, 7’8″, and 9′. While we can build your windscreen to any height, purchasing a standard height can often be less expensive than custom heights, so if you can make a standard height windscreen work for your application, you can save yourself some money.

Another consideration when entering your dimensions is the length of the windscreens. You may want to break up longer windscreens into shorter sections. This can help make installation easier and if your windscreen is damaged it can be less expensive to replace just a section, as opposed to the entire run.

It’s also important to note that standard grommet spacing is 12 – 18 inches, but custom spacing is also available.

Select Your Material


Once you’ve entered your dimensions and clicked calculate, you’ll be presented with a variety of windscreen materials. Now you can compare weight, opacity, logo and text application method, durability rating, color availability, build time, and price of the available materials. This makes it easy to select a windscreen that fits your needs and budget.

For instance, if you need your windscreen right away, you’ll want to select Enviroscreen, which has a build time of 5 – 7 business days. If you need a thick and durable windscreen, you’ll want to select Armor Mesh. And if you need a durable windscreen fast, then Extreme Screen would be an excellent choice. You can read more about the differences in material here.

Please note that not all colors are available in every material. If you need a particular color, be sure to select the a material that is available in the color you need.

Keep in mind that there is $100.00 minimum for all windscreens.

Select Your Windscreen Color


Now that you’ve decided on the material that’s right for your needs, you can select your color from those available.

Select Your Features


Once you’ve chosen the material that best fits your timeline, needs, and budget, it’s time to add any additional features you might need for your windscreen.

A center lacing line can be added for extra durability. Wind flaps, or box vents help keep the windscreen from getting whipped around by the wind, and zip ties help to make installation a breeze.

Custom Text and Logos


You can now add the windscreen to your cart and proceed to checkout, or, if you need to add text or a logo to your windscreen, you can continue with a quote for the image you need. Text can be added by selecting a letter height, choosing a font, and typing in the text you need.

For custom logos, please let us know what size you’d like the image to be on the windscreen, and please let us know any additional details you might need to share.

The Practice Sports Custom Windscreen Calculator truly is the easiest way to receive an instant quote and purchase a windscreen on the internet.

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