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How to Get an AirCage Quote

How do we go about getting a quote for the electric batting cages?


Hi Mal,
Thanks for contacting us about the batting cages. Here is our general info on the Electric AirCage systems:
Electric AirCage

There are two base models, a 1.0 version and a 2.0 version. With the 1.0 version, the frame will lower to a few feet off the ground and the net has to be physically lifted over the frame so it doesn’t hang down. Then the frame and net can be raised. With the 2.0 version, there’s a bottom frame on the net that will raise & lower to a upper frame. This eliminates the need to lift the net up as it’s completely automated.

Here are some budget numbers on both systems which also include some pricing on tandem systems & install estimates:
AirCage 1.0 Estimates
AirCage 2.0 Estimates

If you’d like to proceed with getting some more accurate pricing, please use this link to our questionnaire and fill out the info:
AirCage Questionnaire

The questionnaire will give us a better idea of what modifications need to be made on the base system to fit your building. Any pictures you can send are also required to get accurate pricing. In the meantime, please let us know if you have any other questions.


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