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How Do I Find the Right Turf For My Facility?

The Turf Finder

Finding the right turf for your facility, whether it be an outdoors batting cage, a playground, a home playroom, or an 80,000 sq ft field can be a daunting task. That’s why we created the Turf Finder.

The Turf Finder allows you to select a few criteria and narrow down your turf choices and compare prices to get the right turf for your budget.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how the Turf Finder works.

The Sidebar


The sidebar is where you’re going to make your selections to help refine your search.

Your first choice is Nylon or Poly. Poly turf is less durable than nylon, but it has a softer face, so is a great choice if you need to turf a playground or playroom. If younger players fall or slide, there will be less turf burn than on a nylon turf. If you need a long-lasting turf, than Nylon turfs are definitely the way to go.

Your second selection is going to be 12 or 15 foot wide turf rolls. Depending on your dimensions, a 12 or 15 foot wide roll might be a better fit in your area, however many rolls only available in one size, so you may have to overbuy in order to get the turf you want.

Besides the turf material, nylon or poly, the quality of the turf is also determined by the thickness of the face, which is measured in ounces. The higher the number, the thicker the face, the more durable the turf is. Of course, thicker faces are also more expensive, so be sure to keep that in mind.

As the turf market has expanded, many turfs have become more grasslike, but the classic astro turf style is still popular. While no turf gives a totally natural bounce, you will get a more realistic appearance from a grasslike turf.

Finally, you can select from a few must have features like spike-resistance, turf with a foam pad, velcro compatible for seaming purposes, or the availability of custom widths.

The Gallery

Based on your selections in the Sidebar, you’ll see a few, or many, or all of our available turfs in the Gallery where you can quickly scroll through and compare prices. You can also sort the returned selections by price.

Select Your Turf

Once you’ve selected your turf, you’ll need to enter the length of the roll you’ll need.

In the example above, we’ve entered 100. You can see that the turf we’ve selected is 15 ft wide. Now you can select add to cart. (Don’t worry if you need multiple rolls, you can adjust that on the next screen. For now, just enter the length of one roll and select add to cart.)


If you need multiple rolls, just multiply the number of rolls by the total square footage listed. In our example, that’s 1500 sq ft. Let’s say we need three rolls of turf to cover our area. That’s 1500 sq ft x 3 = 4500, so we would enter 4500.

Buying Your Turf

You can enter your zip code to get a shipping cost estimate, and then click on Proceed to Checkout to complete your purchase.

The Turf Finder already makes Practice Sports The Easiest Place to Buy Turf on the Internet, and now with this short primer, we’ve made it even easier.

Please leave any questions or comments below, and we’ll be sure to help.

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