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Here’s the Pitch…the Practice Sports Radar Gun Buyer’s Guide

We offer 4 radar gun options at Practice Sports to help pitchers at every level from little league to hopeful high school recruits to professional players.

This buyer’s guide is designed to help you fit the right radar gun with your needs.

Radar Guns Under $500


Ball Coach by Pocket Radar

We’ve recently added The Ball Coach, made by Pocket Radar, to our inventory because it is an affordable, accurate gun at a great price point. It’s versatile; not only can you stand behind the pitcher or the catcher and record speeds, you can also use the Ball Coach for a variety of sports. It’s easy to use and is compact enough to take anywhere. The Ball Coach’s affordability makes it a great choice for home players, teams, and facilities alike.


The Radar Pitching Trainer

What we like most about the Radar Pitching Trainer is that it gives the opportunity for a pitcher to hone both speed and accuracy, without a catcher or coach. This combination means your player can get in the additional practice they need without having to rely on someone else’s schedule. The baseball or softball hitting the pocket can be loud, so it might fit best in large facilities, but the easy portability means that your pitcher can take it to the backyard or park for easy set up. We also think this trainer is great for events like pitching contests because of its large ‘Electronic Umpire’ display.

Radar Guns Over $500


Pro Sport Radar Gun by Ra-Vid

At $2,695, the Ra-Vid isn’t an entry level radar gun, however if you’re investing in crafting recruiting videos for potential players, the Ra-Vid is an affordable effective option that we like a lot. It’s easy to both film your pitcher and record velocity without two setups, making it a must-have for facilities that cater to college and professional hopefuls. This video and velocity combination makes it easy to identify mechanics and show young players the correlation between mechanics and velocity. The Pro Sport Radar Gun package is loaded with add ons including a water resistant case, 8 gb SD card, remote control, 2 lithium ion batteris and a battery charger.


Radar Gun and 7” Display Package by Jugs

Jugs is a trusted name in baseball equipment and their radar package is solid, accurate, and dependable. While it lacks the video record option of the Ra-Vid the large 7” mph readout display is great for recruitment videos.

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