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Custom Ceiling Brackets

When choosing to use a CurtainCage system (wall to wall cable kit) which allows you to slide the net on cable lines, sometimes cable lines can’t be anchored into wall whether it’s due to obstructions on the wall or longer gaps between walls. When this is the case, we have options to anchor the cables […]

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Pitching Screen with Sock

Cory just checking to see if you have me a price on the pitching screen with socks. Thanks so much . Joel ————————————————— Hi Joel, Thanks for inquiring about our sock nets. We can build any size you need, I would just need to know the dimensions that you needed along with the size of […]

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Halo for Baseball Field

I would like an estimate on a custom 5′ wide and 10′ wide turf halo with wings. I would like a navy turf halo with SOUTHWEST written in white with a columbia blue outline. Also, I would like paw prints on each one of the wings in the same combination, white with a columbia blue […]

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Custom L-Screens

Hi, I’m just checking to see if you can make a custom L-Screen for a frame I already have. Thanks, Jim ————————————————— Hi Jim, Yes, we can make any size net you need for an L-Screen. Do you happen to know the dimensions you need? We usually recommend a pillow-case style net that can slide […]

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Residential Golf Netting

You only have 10x10x10 cages listed. I have limited space where I would like to put this golf hitting cage. Could you design one 6ft.D X 10H X 10W with netting, frame, and all attachments. Joe ————————————————— Hi Joe, Thanks for inquiring about our netting. We can build the net 6’D x 10’W x 10’H […]

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Tanner Tees

Hi, I’m just checking to see if you have the Tanner Tees in stock. Thanks, Joe ————————————————— Hi Joe, Thanks for inquiring about the Tanner Tees. Yes, we have them in stock and they would be able to ship within 1-2 business days. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks, Cory

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Shipping for Portolite Mound

I’m looking for quote on (6) Portolite pitching mounds to include shipping to 23875 – 6″h x 48″w x 72″l Thanks, Leigh ————————————————— Hi Leigh, Portolite does not have a mound that matches the dimensions provided, 6″H x 48″W x 72″L. The closest dimensions they have would be a With the 6″ height the […]

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WindScreen for Tennis Court

Hi, I was wondering what type of WindScreen you’d recommend for a tennis court. Thanks, Lanny ————————————————— Hi Lanny, Thanks for contacting us about the WindScreen. The best type of WindScreen for your tennis court will depend on the windspeeds and how durable you wanted it to be. Here is a link to our WindScreen […]

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Type of Payment on Orders

Hi, I just wanted to know waht type of payment you accept. Thank you, Pam ————————————————— Hi Pam, Thanks for contacting us. We accept all major credit cards and you can pay with an Electronic Check or through your PayPal account. You can also mail us a check. We accept Purchase Orders from schools and […]

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Indoor Turf for Residential Use

Do you sell to homeowners? I’m trying to create a small indoor winter lacrosse practice area in our unfinished basement. Could you help me determine a quote for the most economical synthetic turf product you offer that features some level of padding? I’m thinking approx 15′ X 20′. And what might shipping cost to Zip […]

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