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Steel Wall Plate with Multiple Anchor Points

Hi, I was going to run some cable lines between my walls and had a question on the wall plates with the multiple anchor points. What exactly are those used for? Thanks, Britt ————————————————— Hi Britt, Thanks for contacting us about the wall plates. The wall plates with the multiple anchor points are used for […]

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Before You Buy an Indoor Batting Cage Net: Consider Your Space

You’ve decided to build an indoor batting cage. Great! But keep in mind there are a variety of factors to consider before you buy and build. Today we’re going to talk about the size of your cage.  The size of your batting cage might be one of the most important factors, so here a few […]

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3 Most Popular Indoor Batting Cage Systems

At Practice Sports we offer three main types of indoor batting cages. The CurtainCage, the Track & Trolley, and the AirCage, are designed to fit a variety of uses and budgets.  Let’s take a close look at all three types of cages. CurtainCage Indoor Batting Cage Net The CurtainCage is our most popular batting cage and […]

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Batting Cage Net Review & Buyer’s Guide

Since 2001 our main focus at Practice Sports has always been batting cage nets. With so many manufacturers now supplying batting cage netting, purchasing a net can be a confusing process. We’re here to make that process much easier with just a few simple tips. There are three main considerations when purchasing netting: material, gauge, […]

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AirCage 1.0 Batting Cage Spec – 55’L x 12’W x 12’H

  OVERHEAD SUPERSTRUCTURE The model 551212 AirCage 1.0 is supported from the roof structure by directly attaching to the underneath side of the roof trusses or purlins. Includes top-frame only. Must be lowered to ground level for manually folding net on top of frame. Unit is then electronically raised within 12-18″ of lowest hanging structure […]

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