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Custom Windscreens – Guide and Frequently Asked Questions

A custom windscreen is a vinyl material used to fence out wind and create privacy, while still allowing a controlled amount of light in. Ok, So What’s a Custom Windscreen For? Are There Standard Windscreens? How to Measure Your Windscreen What Type of Material Should My Windscreen Be? Windscreen Printing Options Windscreen Features Installing Your […]

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Tennis Court Windscreen

Hi, I was wondering what type of WindScreen you’d recommend for a tennis court. Thanks, Brit ————————————————— Hi Brit, Thanks for contacting us about the WindScreen. The best type of WindScreen for your tennis court will depend on the windspeeds and how durable you wanted it to be. Here is a link to our WindScreen […]

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WindScreen Logos

I’m purchasing a windscreen for your high school baseball field. We’re looking at having a logo put over the entire panel 6’H x 50’L. Can you guys do this? Thanks, Ken ————————————————— Hi Ken, Yes, we can certainly put a logo over an entire panel. We have two different options. We can use a Fence […]

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Practice Sports Playbook Year In Review

The past 12 months was the most popular year for the Practice Sports Playbook ever. Not only did we see increased visitor traffic, but we wrote and posted more articles than in any previous year. Here are five Playbook articles that helped give our customers the info they needed to help save time and money […]

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Instant Quote For Custom Windscreens

The Practice Sports Custom Windscreen Calculator is the easiest way to purchase a custom windscreen on the internet. You can enter your dimensions, select colors, compare a variety of materials, and instantly receive a quote. Some custom windscreen materials can ship in as few as five days.   Enter Your Dimensions The first step to […]

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The Custom Windscreen FAQ

We’ve been getting a lot of interest in our custom windscreens and so we wanted to take a little bit of time to address our most common windscreen questions in one convenient blog post.   What sizes of windscreens are available? We can build windscreens to virtually any size. Our Custom Windscreen Calculator is the […]

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Tuffy Windscreen Highlights

ONE OF THE WORLD’S TOUGHEST, MOST DURABLE SPORTS WINDSCREENS Tuffy Windscreen is made of VIPOL® Matrix, a 10 oz. mesh that is super durable because it contains over 50% more micro-fibers than normal vinyl windscreens. View the complete spec. It’s virtually tear-proof, and is backed by a 5 YEAR prorated factory WARRANTY. Edging all around […]

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Windscreen Buyer’s Guide – What you should know before you buy

Instant Pricing for Custom Windscreens Windscreens, shade screens, privacy screens – regardless of the name, this product is very useful for a wide variety of applications Tennis courts, baseball / softball fields, residential & even construction sites benefit from a quality windscreen. The windscreen selection process can be very confusing if you aren’t educated. The […]

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The Truth about Logos on Windscreens & Padding

Logos are used everywhere in the sports world. From custom windscreens, to turf fields, and custom wall padding. A team logo or name becomes a focal point for fans, and helps boost team pride and sponsorships. For the casual fan, a logo is a logo. But for the sports facility owner, high quality logos are […]

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