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Indoor Home Batting Cages Made Easy

Easily install a batting cage at home in your basement, garage, or pole barn, with just a few simple steps. 1. What Size Should Your Net Be? First let’s determine what size net you need for your available space. Try to stay at least 1 foot away from walls and ceiling structure. Stay a minimum […]

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Backyard Batting Cage

You’re committed. You’re taking cuts in the local commercial batting cage day and night, but they’re not open 24/7. You need more. It’s time to build your backyard batting cage. And we are here to help. Let’s go. Dimensions of Backyard Batting Cage First figure out the dimensions of your cage. You’ll want to stay […]

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Batting Cage Length

Hi, I have a stupid question. How long should we make our bating cage? Thanks, Angela ————————————————— Hi Angela, That’s not a stupid question. The correct length really depends on what age group is using the net. Mound to plate distances can range from 38, 44, 48, 54 to 60 ft 6 inches for the […]

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Home Batting Cage Quick Start Guide

Whether you’re looking to build a batting cage in your basement, garage, or pole barn, it can be daunting to know how to begin. This post is a quick guide to help you learn what you didn’t know you needed to know. Let’s get started, and if you have any questions, please let us know […]

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Need Hardware for Existing Batting Cage Frame

Hi, We have a batting cage frame that’s been up for around 10 years but we need new hardware to hang the net off the frame. Please help John ————————————————— Hi John, Thanks for contacting us about your batting cage frame. We can certainly provide new hardware for the setup. I’m assuming you needed cable […]

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Home Batting Cage Basics

We’ve been answering questions about home batting cages since 2001, but we still get more questions about how to install a home batting cage than any other topic, so it’s a good chance to review the subject. Home Batting Cage Size You can put a batting cage up in almost any size room. As long […]

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