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Indoor Home Batting Cages Made Easy

Easily install a batting cage at home in your basement, garage, or pole barn, with just a few simple steps. 1. What Size Should Your Net Be? First let’s determine what size net you need for your available space. Try to stay at least 1 foot away from walls and ceiling structure. Stay a minimum […]

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Backyard Batting Cage

You’re committed. You’re taking cuts in the local commercial batting cage day and night, but they’re not open 24/7. You need more. It’s time to build your backyard batting cage. And we are here to help. Let’s go. Dimensions of Backyard Batting Cage First figure out the dimensions of your cage. You’ll want to stay […]

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Custom Nets – Tips and Tricks

Custom nets have a long, history dating back before the stone age. In fact some nets from the stone age don’t look much different from contemporary nets used for batting cages. Nets can be made from almost any sort of fiber, but most nets built today are made from synthetic materials. Nets have a wide […]

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Batting Cage Turf Made Easy – Guide and Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to Batting Cage Turf. With a wide variety of sports turfs available in the market, finding the right turf for your cage can be confusing. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Whether your batting cage is in a basement, pole barn, or commercial facility, or baking in the sun out in […]

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Custom Windscreens – Guide and Frequently Asked Questions

A custom windscreen is a vinyl material used to fence out wind and create privacy, while still allowing a controlled amount of light in. Ok, So What’s a Custom Windscreen For? Are There Standard Windscreens? How to Measure Your Windscreen What Type of Material Should My Windscreen Be? Windscreen Printing Options Windscreen Features Installing Your […]

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The 3 Most Important Things to Consider When Buying and Installing Outdoor Batting Cages

Our 18 years of experience designing and installing over 1,000 batting cages throughout the U.S. has given us some good insider knowledge on cages and netting. We decided to share the love, by preparing a complete “buyer’s guide” for those shopping for outdoor batting cages online. We don’t know if you’re a school administrator, coach, […]

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How to Buy A Gym Divider Curtain

Purchasing a partition for your gym can be a confusing process. Practice Sports is here to help simplify it for you. First Determine Your Gym Curtain Dimensions Maybe you’re replacing an existing gym curtain. Maybe you’ve decided that your gym needs a divider. Maybe you’re upgrading your existing walk draw gym curtain to a motorized […]

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Custom Nets By Practice Sports

Since 2001 Practice Sports has provided custom nets to premier sports facilities nationwide, and homes across the United States. While the majority of our nets are custom built to use in for baseball and softball, our ShellCages can be custom built for multi-sport use. ShellCages are a great way for sports facilities to open up […]

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Our Favorite Sports Turf

At Practice Sports we know how difficult it can be to find the right equipment to outfit your sports facility. Turf is no exception. We’ve already got the Turf Finder, the easiest way to find turf on the internet, but we’d like to take a moment and make things even easier for facility administrators. Here […]

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Home Batting Cage Quick Start Guide

Whether you’re looking to build a batting cage in your basement, garage, or pole barn, it can be daunting to know how to begin. This post is a quick guide to help you learn what you didn’t know you needed to know. Let’s get started, and if you have any questions, please let us know […]

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