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Baden Axe Bats

Hi, I was wondering if you sell the axe bats Thanks, Greg ————————————————— Hi Greg, Thanks for contacting us. Yes, we sell all the Axe Bats made by Baden. You can view a link to all the bats here: Baden Axe Bats You can use the categories on the left to refine the options by […]

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Custom Gym Curtain Options

We’re looking to purchase a sliding gym curtain at our local YMCA. I see there’s usually a vinyl bottom on these curtains. Is there a certain height on that vinyl? If not, what height would you recommend? Thanks, John ————————————————— Hi John, Thanks for contacting us about the Manual Sliding Gym Curtain. There is not […]

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Current Discount Specials

Hi, I’m looking to order a net and was just wondering if your offering any discounts. Thanks, Will ————————————————— Hi Will, Yes, we always have discounts available. You can view all the discounts here: Discounts When you’re checking out on our webiste, you’ll enter the corresponding code on the page after where you enter your […]

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Editing a Submitted Order

Hi, We just placed an order on your website under my name for netting. Can we change the shipping address? Thanks, Chet ————————————————— Hi Chet, Sure, we can change the shipping address since it has not shipped out yet. The only issue we’d have is if had already gone out. There is typically either a […]

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Residential Indoor Batting Cage

I have a shop that is about 30x30x17 feet. I’d like to put in a cage that will be used for lacrosse, baseball, and golf. It needs to be retractable because we also use the space for basketball. I need the cables to run as high to the ceiling as possible so the drop down […]

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L Screen Recommendation

I need an L-screen that is portable and isn’t too expensive. Which model would you recommend? Jim ————————————————— Hi Jim, For a portable L-screen model, one of the more popular options are the Muhl-Tech Pro L-Screen and Better Baseball L-Screen. The Muhl-Tech comes standard with wheels and padding. The Better Baseball screen can be upgraded […]

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Torn Netting

Hi, I saw that you sell net repair kits online. I was just checking if I could get a custom net without a edge or border rope so I can cut pieces off to fix holes in my net. Thanks, PJ ————————————————— Hi PJ, Thanks for contacting us about netting. Yes, we can build any […]

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Used Turf Shipping Rate

Hi, I got a quote for your used turf and was wondering why the shipping is so expensive. My quote# is 9632 for (5) rolls and the cost to ship is $1,300.00. Thanks, Tyler ————————————————— Hi Tyler, The rolls are 50’L x 15’W and weigh around 2,500 lbs each since they have the rubber infill. […]

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Net Shield Shipping Timeline

Hi, I placed an order for net shield on your website and was wondering when it’ll be able to ship. Thanks, Martin ————————————————— Hi Martin, I see your order, thanks for placing it. The Net Shield takes around 5-7 business days to ship. Since it was placed on 10/31 you’re looking at a ship date […]

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Tennis Court Windscreen

Hi, I was wondering what type of WindScreen you’d recommend for a tennis court. Thanks, Brit ————————————————— Hi Brit, Thanks for contacting us about the WindScreen. The best type of WindScreen for your tennis court will depend on the windspeeds and how durable you wanted it to be. Here is a link to our WindScreen […]

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