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AirCage 1.0 Batting Cage Spec – 55’L x 12’W x 12’H

  OVERHEAD SUPERSTRUCTURE The model 551212 AirCage 1.0 is supported from the roof structure by directly attaching to the underneath side of the roof trusses or purlins. Includes top-frame only. Must be lowered to ground level for manually folding net on top of frame. Unit is then electronically raised within 12-18″ of lowest hanging structure […]

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Wheel vs Arm-Action Pitching Machines

Iron Mike Arm Throwing Machines Jugs Wheel Machines This is the style by which the machine throws the balls. “Wheel design” machines either uses 1, 2, or 3 spinning wheels to propel the ball. Generally the more wheels, the wider variety of pitches that machine can throw, such as curves, sliders, forkballs etc. “Arm-action” machines […]

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Indoor Ceiling Barrier Netting – How to Order / Measure

Ordering the correct size netting panel for proper coverage can be tricky. It’s critical to measure correctly, and consider any angles that may require extra netting. Yes it’s time to brush off that dusty book of knowledge from high-school geometry you thought you would never use in real life!Remember the Pythagorean Theorem? Of course you […]

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Electric Retractable Batting Cages – Buyer’s Guide

Our AirCage Retractable Batting Cages allow for quick transformation of your space, going from batting cage practice mode to storage mode within a few minutes. Please be advised that not all batting cages are created equal, so pay close attention to the details when shopping. See pictures, watch videos, and get the ball rolling on […]

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FlexNets Flyer

Click Here Looking for additional information on FlexNetsâ„¢ Batting Cage Nets? This FlexNet flyer pdf is a convenient resource for athletic directors, booster clubs and coaches. It’s the easy way to examine the features that make FlexNets the most popular batting cage net in the sports industry. FlexNets are available in Nylon and Poly. We […]

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University of Nebraska – Lincoln Haymarket Park, Baseball and Softball Facility

Key Players University of Nebraska Sampson Construction DLR Group The Opportunity The biggest sports practice facility project in the history of the University of Nebraska Baseball and Softball programs, and Practice Sports was lucky enough to be a part of it. The Practice Sports Solution Involved from the start, we provided input to the architects […]

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Dimensions: Measuring Tips for your Netting Usage

Net Size : Cut Yourself Some Slack There’s a few simple things to keep in mind when determining how much netting you’ll need for your cage. First, be sure to add an extra 12 inches to the height of your net. Having that extra netting sag down is going to help gather loose balls. This […]

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Netting 101 – A Visual Guide to Sports Netting

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