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AirCage 1.0 Batting Cage Spec – 55’L x 12’W x 12’H


The model 551212 AirCage 1.0 is supported from the roof structure by directly attaching to the underneath side of the roof trusses or purlins. Includes top-frame only. Must be lowered to ground level for manually folding net on top of frame. Unit is then electronically raised within 12-18″ of lowest hanging structure on flat plane.


Standard size of cage shall be 12′ – 0″ high x 12′ – 0″ wide x 55′ long. All attachment fasteners for winch mount carrier brackets are to be grade 5 or better. Fastener with vibration proof nylon locking nuts or self locking serrated flange nuts.


Where needed, this curtain hoist shall drive a continuous 2-3/8″ O.D. drive shaft, schedule 10. The cage shall be lifted by means of 1/8″ galvanized aircraft cable. Lift cables shall bespaced at no greater than 12′-0″ center to center. The cable shall wind up on individual reels located on the drive shaft. At each lift point for frame.

The drive shaft shall be supported by a carrier assembly spaced no greater than 12′-0″ center to center. The carrier shall consist of laser cut brackets made from mild steel plate.

Cage support frame shall be constructed of 1-3/8″ O.D. steel tubing. Support frame shall be furnished with a standard galvanized finish. If special finish coat is required, specify final painting by painting contractor. The support frame may be lowered to the floor while placing the four sides of netting on top of the frame to allow for compact storage.

Electric winch to be powered by 3/4 HP motor, including laser-cut mounting bracket tube, to allow for full rotation of winch as needed to line-up cables square & plumb.

Available with wall-mounted key-switch standard or optional remote.


Where needed, a return pulley system may be used to avoid use of drive-pipe system. Return pulley shall consist of laser cut mounting bracket for wall or beam mounted pulley. Winch & pulley interact with beam clamp brackets, spaced no greater than 12′-0″ lengthwise & 10′-0″ widthwise center to center. If ceiling structure is not available to accommodate spacing, additional supporting steel brackets will be required.

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