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Tennis Court Windscreen

Hi, I was wondering what type of WindScreen you’d recommend for a tennis court. Thanks, Brit ————————————————— Hi Brit, Thanks for contacting us about the WindScreen. The best type of WindScreen for your tennis court will depend on the windspeeds and how durable you wanted it to be. Here is a link to our WindScreen […]

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Pitching Machine Repair

Hi, We have some older model pitching machines that haven’t been working properly. Do you guys service pitching machines? We tried to contact the original manufacturer but it doesn’t look like they’re in business any longer. Justin ————————————————— Hi Justin, Thank you for contacting us about your pitching machines. Unfortunately, we don’t service pitching machines. […]

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Tanner Tee Availability

Hi, I’m just checking to see if you have the Tanner Tees in stock. Thanks, Joe ————————————————— Hi Joe, Thanks for inquiring about the Tanner Tees. Yes, we have them in stock and they would be able to ship within 1-2 business days. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks, Cory

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Gym Curtain Installation Timeline

We sent over info to get an installation quote on a gym divider curtain. We’re looking at a late October install. Do you have open dates around that time. Thanks, Ryan ————————————————— Hi Ryan, Thanks for contacting us about the gym curtains. Unfortunately the earliest install dates we have open is around mid to late […]

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New Wall Plate Color – Gray

We now offer our wall plates in a gray color. The gray is less expensive than the black that we used to exclusively carry. We offer gray in order to offer a more suitable color alternative for facilities where black may not look as fitting as gray. Thanks, Cory Schneider | Sales Manager

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Heavy Duty Vinyl to Stop Net Movement

Hi, I’m looking for a product to help stop a baseball so my net doesn’t move out and hit my garage walls. I have limited space and only have about 6″ of space. Thanks, Harris ————————————————— Hi Harris, Thanks for contacting us. We have a product called Net Shield that used specifically to stop balls. […]

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Using the Right Cable Line

Hi, I have a question on the thickness of the cable lines. I’m planning on running cable lines 45′ between my walls, do you recommend the 1/4″ lines? Thanks, Howie ————————————————— Hi Howie, Thanks for contacting us about the cable lines. With a 45′ distance you can use the 1/4″ cable lines are more geared […]

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Custom Wall Padding Timeline

Dear Practice Sports, I am working for a TV project in which we need 5 wall panels in color yellow and 5 wall panels in red. Measures 2×6 Do you have them available ? Regards Ricardo ————————————————— Hi Ricardo, Thanks for contacting us. What product were you needing? Is this for wall padding or vinyl […]

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Netting for Facility

Hi, We are in the process of finding a new facility for baseball. We’re going to need netting, turf, hardware, and any other equipment to outfit the building. Based on what I’ve found on your website, I assume you’d be able to provide everything we need. We prefer to have a one stop shop to […]

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Iron Mike Pitching Machine – Timeline & Shipping

Hi, Im looking to order the iron mike pitching machine, how long does it take to ship once my order is placed. Thanks, Rudi ————————————————— Hi Rudi, Thanks for contacting us. Which model were you looking to purchase? Most of these take around 5-10 days to ship. If you can provide the shipping zip code […]

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