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Fence Topper

Hi, I received a freight quote for fence crown and was just wondering why the shipping is so high. Thanks, Lyle ————————————————— Hi Lyle, Thanks for contacting us about the FenceCrown. I see that you received a quote for a single 250′ coil. This is a hollow tube that can’t really be effectively compacted for […]

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Logo on Custom Field Cover (Tarp)

Hi, Can you print logos on field tarps? We’re looking to put our high school mascot on a cover. Thanks, Jen ————————————————— Hi Jen, Yes, we are able to put logos on field tarps. Just send us an example of what you wanted and let us know the size of tarp as well as the […]

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How to Get an AirCage Quote

Hi, How do we go about getting a quote for the electric batting cages? Thanks, Mal ——————————————————– Hi Mal, Thanks for contacting us about the batting cages. Here is our general info on the Electric AirCage systems: Electric AirCage There are two base models, a 1.0 version and a 2.0 version. With the 1.0 version, […]

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Custom Padding for 12″ x 12″ Post

Hi, We purchased a net from hardware kit from you guys. We’re using it for baseball but also use it for agility training. We have a 12″ x 12″ square post just outside the cage area that we need to have padded on a single 12″ face side 5′ high & 3″ thick foam pad. […]

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Colored Netting

Hi, I’m looking for someone that can provide some alternate color batting nets. We are using these as barriers for children’s play areas. Is that something you do? Thanks, Becky ————————————————– Hi Becky, Thanks for inquiring about the netting. Unfortunately we do not have the option of offering colored netting. We only offer black and […]

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Used Turf – Full Football Field

Hi, We’re looking for some used turf for our new football field construction. This is for a high school and was wondering how much turf you have available. Thanks, Ty ————————————————— Hi Ty, Our source for the used turf still has over 1 million of square feet available. The rolls are available in 50’L x […]

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New Turf Available

We’ve recently changed the type of turf we offer in an effort to streamline the options and offer a better value for your money. You can view all the turf we sell here: Turf Finder We now offer turf manufactured by the makers of the original AstroTurf. They’ve had decades in the artificial turf business […]

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Poly (HDPE) v Nylon Netting

Hi, What’s the main difference between poly and nylon netting? Thanks, Brent ————————————————— Hi Brent, The Poly or high density polyethylene (HDPE) is made from naturally UV resistant materials which do not absorb water and will not rot, but have a lower break strength than nylon. Nylon has UV inhibitor added so it is still […]

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Batting Cage Length

Hi, I have a stupid question. How long should we make our bating cage? Thanks, Angela ————————————————— Hi Angela, That’s not a stupid question. The correct length really depends on what age group is using the net. Mound to plate distances can range from 38, 44, 48, 54 to 60 ft 6 inches for the […]

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Small Net for Basement

Hi, I have a 8’8″H basement. Is this enough room to put a cage in? Thanks, Tony ————————————————— Hi Tony, Yes, that is enough ceiling height to put a cage in your basement. You’ll want to keep around 6″ to 1′ of space between the top of the cage and the bottom of the ceiling […]

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