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SafeGyms - Walk-Draw Track & Trolley Kit (for use with Gym Curtain)

Walk-Draw Track & Trolley Kit (for use with Gym Curtain - Sold Separately)

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This convenient track-style curtain hardware kit offers an economical answer to your space dividing needs. Great option for those facilities on a budget. Curtain sold separately.

Item Highlights:

  • Easy installation
  • Can be stored flat against a wall or in small corners of a facility.
  • Eliminates need for wall terminal points with cable systems
  • Weight is nicely distributed every 6 - 8 ft
  • Variety of mounting hardware for easy overhead attachment
  • Smooth operation on rigid track - no bowing or sagging like cable

Standard Parts Included (parts will error on the side of excess to cover your total span - may require on-site cutting or adjustments)

  • Heavy Duty Steel Track - 6 ft or 8 ft long (may need to be cut on-site)
  • Trolley Wheels - Nylon or Steel Ball Bearing (every 12")
  • Straight Splice Connectors (to join tracks - allows direct mount to overhead beams with self-provided hardware)
  • End Stops (prevents curtain from rolling off end of tracks)

Optional Parts:

  • Beam Clamp: Swivel style, makes easy attachment to flange of I-beam - either parallel or perpendicular
  • Threaded Rod Attachment: Allows track to be dropped down to appropriate elevation. Effective solution to work-around obstructions in ceiling preventing direct track mount.
  • Steel Trolley Wheels: Creates smoother traversing of curtain; should be used for taller & heavier applications.


  • Use Steel Trolleys for smoother operation, higher elevations, or heavier applications
  • Use 6 ft track for heavier loads - use 8 ft track for lighter loads
  • If your curtain or netting is not as tall as your mounting point, you have 2 options:

A) Direct mount track to bottom of beams, and use cable extensions to drop down to your curtain height (recommended solution)

B) Mount the track at the same height as your curtain - use threaded rod, cable or chain to support track at joints

Option A is recommended because it keeps your overhead air-space more open when the curtain is retracted.




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