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Is this system safe hanging over-head in my facility?

Yes, it is VERY safe and secure. Our crew takes no shortcuts, and we have the strictest of codes to ensure the system is installed with the proper hardware which is specifically Rated/Certified for this type of application. The winch is also attached in 9 different points, and uses vibration-proof Nylon bolts which will not come loose during usage.

The overall weight of our 70'L x 14'W standard sized system (including net) is 550 lbs, which equates to only 7.8 lbs per linear foot. The overall weight is also dispersed by approximately 16-18 pulley attachment points, which requires each attachment point to support about 30-50 lbs at the absolute maximum.

We have had ZERO accidents or injuries during the past 7+ years of installing this system (hundreds). However, just in case, of course we do maintain Workers Compensation & Liability Insurance with The Hartford (company name Practice Sports, Inc.), so in case of a freak accident, you are covered. However, our Liability coverage expires after the first year, unless a certified inspection is performed by an independent company, or us. See directly below for more info on safety inspections.

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