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How can I get a quote for this system?
  • First, if you have a skilled fabrication shop & engineer on your staff, we are happy to simply send you our basic kit, as outlined here - base pricing applies for the basic kit. Please keep in mind that based on your facility specs, custom fabrication may be required to make the system compatible with your ceiling. We highly recommend providing us with your specs & pictures, and allowing our experienced crew to perform the fabrication for you, which is done at a very reasonable price.
  • The most important step to receiving a Finalized price quote is to complete our online Questionnaire Form, and also return several pictures of your facility -- the sooner we have this info, the sooner we can finalize your hardware list & quote -- you may also fax the completed form to 1.800.577.3046
  • You may review our general pricing for 3 different sizes here.
  • If you need to print a copy of an estimate for our standard 70'L x 14'W system, you may find it here: Generic Pricing Proposal.
  • This system can also be customized to fit ANY size building - so feel free to contact us for a price estimate for another size.
  • If you would like "firm" pricing, we will need to review your facility specs & pictures, to ensure the system is designed to be compatible with your ceiling instantly out of the box. Don't be baited by lower priced systems, which will be a "one size fits all" design, and may require a large amount of fabrication after you receive it to make it fit with your ceiling -- leave this to the experts and let us do it right the first time.
  • Please also provide several pictures: 2-3 full-scale of entire facility, and 2-3 focused on area in ceiling targeted for installation. Also include pics of any obstructions in ceiling, i.e. ducts, divider curtain, piping etc.
  • Contact Us with any questions about this process, or to get assistance with completing your Specs.
  • If you don't have all the info or pics the 1st time, please just complete as much info as you can, and we will attempt to finalize your pricing, and will let you know if we need additional info.
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