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What's the difference between knotted and knotless?

All of our batting cage tunnels are knotted. Knotted netting means that the twine, where it intersects to create the grid, is tied in a knot. Knotted netting is superior for direct impact sports usage, because it has a higher overall strength and durability.

It's important to note that our knotted nets include a bonding agent to keep the knots locked tight in place. Some companies claim that knotted nets are more at risk of falling apart, or that the knots can weaken a net. Our bonding agent keeps our knots firmly in place.

We only recommend knotless in low impact applications like golf, or indirect impact situations like a backstop net. Knotless golf nets offer lower abrasion/friction, due to the smoother surface. The main advantage of knotless as a backstop net, is the knotless netting creates a better line of sight behind home plate.

You will find that knotless netting is traditionally cheaper than knotted netting, because less overall material is used.

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