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Can your foam padding be used outdoors?

Yes, our padding is guaranteed for 10 years in all weather with an 18 lb., urethane foam cushion; drains 90 ounces per minute, and is rated 120 degrees fahrenheit to -30 degrees below. This type padding exceeds industrial grade urethane that's commercial rated and is tested in Calgary / Alberta, Canada to Phoenix, Arizona.

If your field is properly "crowned" the water will simple run off the turf. Heavy rains may result in some water being wicked up, but will dry back out quickly, depending on ambient air temp, geographical location, altitude of job, and humidity - but will not break down under those conditions using our "low density" type urethane padding (estimated 750 lbs., G-Max fall zone), because it's designed for that type of abuse.

pad is 8 lbs. Most of the outdoor rated padding used by Practice Sports are 18 lbs. and 24 lbs., (denser for indoor/outdoor direct glue down to concrete), and are noticeably much higher density and weight per square yard, which gives them a much higher "internal load deflection", (which is your G-Max fall zone).

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