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Please answer the questions or reply with comments on this questionnaire to the best of your ability and we'll get back to you within one business day to discuss your project.

Turf Removal Questionnaire* Required Fields

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Location: Where turf is being removed School / Name of facility?

Accessibility: We require ten foot by ten foot entrances for the Turf Muncher, can that be accommodated?

Staging area: We will need room for bags and turf (example: open parking lots, practice fields, etc.)

Running Track: Is there a running track around the field?

Field goal post: We request they are removed before our arrival or there will be a charge for their removal.

Cutting: Who will be cutting the turf? We have the ability to cut the turf; however, if the facility wants to resale the field, we suggest that they cut the turf.

Rolling and extracting: Our services include rolling and extracting the turf as well as transportation and disposal of removed turf.

Superbags and Cores: We can provide, please advise us if this is the case.

Equipment: Will any equipment such as telle-handlers or other equipment be provided?

Laborers: Will any laborers be provided to drive equipment and move material?

Infill: What kind of infill has been used? Amount of infill (lbs per square ft)

Turf Manufacturer & Installer: Who made the turf and installed it?

How are the seams attached to each other: Stitched, glued or other (please specify)

What kind of base does the field have: Aggregate, Concrete or other (please specify)

Total Square footage of all turf: How much is requiring removal?

Other Obstacles: Are there long jump or high jump pits, pole vault runway, play clocks or any other structures?

*Security Question:
So we know you are a human and not a spambot please answer this question: Is fire hot or cold?

Click submit to email your answers, we will respond within one business day.
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