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Practice Sports, Inc. specialize in Batting cages for baseball play

Batting Cage Nets and Custom Netting

We have dozens of batting cage nets ready to ship within 1 day. We can also customize the ideal batting cage net to fit your application perfectly. The Practice Sports team of net builders have been custom designing batting cage nets for over 25 years. If you can dream it, we can build it. Review our stock sizes below, and don't hesitate to Contact Us along the way with any questions.

If you are looking for sporting equipment, don't hesitate to buy from Practice Sports, Inc.

How Can I Tell Which Batting Cage Net is Right For Me?

If you are looking for a sport net, don't hesitate to order from Practice Sports, Inc.
  • Stiffer, with less give than Nylon
  • Less durable than Nylon
  • Weather-Resistant
  • Waterproof
Practice Sports, Inc. always provide the best quality sports equipment for the lowest prices
  • More durable than Poly
  • Resin Bond provides some weather-resistance
  • Requires NetSeal to be fully waterproof
  • DuPont Nylon is the highest quality Nylon

The Standard Batting Cage Netting Sizes

#21 Poly #21 Nylon #36 Poly #36 Nylon #42 Poly #42 Nylon #60 Nylon
55'L x 12'W x 12'H $597$727$644$966$713$1407$2150
55'L x 14'W x 12'H $498$790$654$977$734$1507$2288
70'L x 12'W x 12'H $571$862$779$1122$814$1694$2570
70'L x 14'W x 12'H $602$935$810$1173$862$1791$2728
= Built to Order
10-12 Business Day Build Time
= Ready to Ship
Batting Cage Net Estimated Lifespan by Usage Level in Years:   Commercial  |  College  |  High School  |  Little League
COMMERCIAL #21 Poly #21 Nylon #36 Poly #36 Nylon #42 Poly #42 Nylon #60 Nylon
Light Use x x 0-2 1-3 2-4 3-5 8-10
Normal Use x x x 1-2 1-3 2-4 7-9
Heavy Use x x x x 1-2 1-3 6-8
= Optimal Usage

Custom Batting Cage Nets

Can't find a Standard Size Batting Cage Net that will work for your needs? We can build a cage any size, in a variety of styles.

Batting Cage Tunnels
Batting Cage Tunnels
Flat Panels
Flat Panels
Hitting Cages
Open Sided Tunnels
Tunnels with Soft Toss Pockets
Tunnels With Soft Toss Pockets
Shell Cages
Shells With Sliding Curtains
Shell Cage with Ceiling Pitched Contours
Shells With Ceiling Pitch Contours
Irregular Shaped Cage Nets
Irregular Shapes

Use our Custom Netting Calculator to choose your sport and style, then enter your dimensions and receive an instant quote.

Custom Net Calculator

Net Calculator
Enter your dimensions in any size and shape and receive an instant quote.

Screens & Accessories

Baseball Screens

L-Screens, Fielding Screens and Replacement Nets

Netting Accessories

Twine, repair kits, and more


Find out why coaches & players nationwide consider FlexNets the top Batting Cage Net in the game!

Professional appearance and easier to install than diamond mesh

Higher overall strength and durability than knotless

Higher abrasion resistance & more dense than braided


Custom Nets - Tips and Tricks

Custom nets have a long, history dating back before the stone age. In fact some nets from the stone age don't look much different from contemporary nets used for batting cages.

Nets can be made from almost any sort of fiber, but most nets built today are made from synthetic materials.

Nets have a wide range of applications including transportation, animal containment, furniture, clothing, safety, and the types of nets that we're most familiar with here at Practice Sports, sports nets.

We can't claim to be experts on these other types of netting, though we have done nets for wildlife containment in the...

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Custom Nets By Practice Sports

Since 2001 Practice Sports has provided custom nets to premier sports facilities nationwide, and homes across the United States. While the majority of our nets are custom built to use in for baseball and softball, our ShellCages can be custom built for multi-sport use. ShellCages are a great way for sports facilities to open up new streams of revenue by transforming spaces that were previously used only for baseball or softball. ShellCages allow a space to be opened up for larger field activities like soccer, lacrosse, or even non-trational sports like dodgeball and futsal. Custom nets by Practice Sports aren't limited to only sports...

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Residential Indoor Batting Cage

I have a shop that is about 30x30x17 feet. I'd like to put in a cage that will be used for lacrosse, baseball, and golf. It needs to be retractable because we also use the space for basketball. I need the cables to run as high to the ceiling as possible so the drop down lines look appealing. What do you recommend? Thanks, Mike --------------------------------------- Hi Mike, We have a cable kit that would work. You can view the kit here: CurtainCage - 55 ft EasySlide Indoor Batting Cage - with LineLift Kit The cable lines are a larger than your facility dimensions but they can be adjusted to fit your building. As for the netting,...

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Torn Netting

Hi, I saw that you sell net repair kits online. I was just checking if I could get a custom net without a edge or border rope so I can cut pieces off to fix holes in my net. Thanks, PJ --------------------------------------------------- Hi PJ, Thanks for contacting us about netting. Yes, we can build any size net you need and without the border rope. You can use our net calculator to get the pricing. All of our custom size nets now have free...

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Colored Netting

Hi, I'm looking for someone that can provide some alternate color batting nets. We are using these as barriers for children's play areas. Is that something you do? Thanks, Becky -------------------------------------------------- Hi Becky, Thanks for inquiring about the netting. Unfortunately we do not have the option of offering colored netting. We only offer black and white at this time. All of our baseball & softball netting is black. We have white options on the golf & soccer/basketball netting. Thanks...

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Baseball / Softball Netting
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What about breaking strength?

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Practice Sports, Inc. is located in Omaha, NE, however, we set a very high standard for sports equipment across all of the United States. You can find us on BBB, Yellow Pages, Foursquare, and Birds Eye.