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Pitching Machines

Pitching Machines

We are distributors for the top pitching machine manufacturer's in the industry - Jugs, ATEC/Wilson, BATA, Master Pitch / Iron Mike, and Trend Sports.

Our pitching machines are available for baseball or softball. We offer competitive pricing - so if you see a lower price online, let us know and we should be able to beat it and offer you a complete package to streamline your order.

We have baseball machines that throw over-hand, machines with ball feeders and even large ball hoppers. Our machines can throw a wide variety of pitch styles from 100 MPH fastballs, to curveballs, sliders, screwballs and even forkballs - to keep your batters on their toes.

Our softball machines throw from a lowered height to create a realistic experience, and can also throw a variety of pitches including rising fastballs.

We also have a good selection of "combo pitching machines", which can convert between baseball and softball mode with ease, allowing a single machine for both baseball and softball players.


Ball Feeder for ATEC Casey Pro 3G (Discontinued Model)

Hi, I have an older model ATEC Casey Pro 3G Baseball pitching machineand was looking for a feeder that would be compatible. Is that something you guys sell? Thanks, Trevor --------------------------------------------------- Hi Trevor, All the new ATEC M2 feeders are still compatible with the previous models. So yes, their feeder will work with the older models. Thanks again, Cory Schneider | Sales...

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Replacing Pitching Machine

Hi, We have some older model pitching machines that haven't been working properly. Do you guys service pitching machines? We tried to contact the original manufacturer but it doesn't look like they're in business any longer. Patricia --------------------------------------------------- Hi Patricia, Thank you for contacting us about your pitching machines. Unfortunately, we don't service pitching machines. It's just not something we're capable of handling. We have several new models available which you can view...

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Commercial v. Residential Pitching Machines

COMMERCIAL USE Pitching machines for commercial use should focus on durability for prolonged daily use and allow for large ball hoppers to increase the number of balls that can be thrown per session (hopper size).† The large hopper machines typically have the arm style throwing mechanism that only allows for fastballs to be thrown but the trade off is they are more consistent in pitch placement and can throw large quantities of balls due to the hopper size. You will want a machine that has a large hopper or a side containment apparatus that holds a large quantity of balls.† The hopper allows balls to be auto-loaded into the throwing...

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Choosing a Pitching Machine

Now that you've decided to purchase a pitching machine.† This info will help to determine which option would work best for your needs. Pitching Machines can be a very important part of a coaches or parentsí practice with their players or children.† Choosing a machine is no easy task, this info is provided to assist in making the best decision for this long term investment.† Players of all ages use these machines to not just perfect their swing but also allow for defensive drills.† Some machines even allow you to throw different pitches (sliders, curveballs, etc.) aside from the standard fastball.† Younger players will develop much faster...

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Wheel vs Arm-Action Pitching Machines

Iron Mike Arm Throwing Machines Jugs Wheel Machines This is the style by which the machine throws the balls. "Wheel design" machines either uses 1, 2, or 3 spinning wheels to propel the ball. Generally the more wheels, the wider variety of pitches that machine can throw, such as curves, sliders, forkballs etc. "Arm-action" machines from the Master Pitch company use a steel arm which rotates around to hurl the ball. The advantage of these machines is the batter's ability to see the ball for a longer period of time, and work on timing as it's released from the arm. The draw-back of arm-action machines is that they can only...

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Pitching Machines
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