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Batting Cage Frames and Cable Kit Systems

Batting Cage Frames and Cable Kit Systems

We offer batting cages frames and systems for all environments & needs, with a wide variety of functionality. Indoor, outdoor, electric, sliding/collapsing, raising/lowering, in-ground, above-ground - everything except upside-down.

Or if you plan to supply your own hardware, go hunting for that perfect batting cage net to go with it on our Netting page.

Batting Cage Systems Getting Started Guide Getting Started Guide
Everything you need to know about batting cage frames and cable systems

Batting Cage Hardware Hardware
Turnbuckles, cable and other items


CurtainCage Collapsible Batting Cage System CurtainCage

Our most popular indoor batting cage kit allows the net to collapse for easy storage.

ShellCage Multilane Batting Cage System ShellCage

This multilane batting cage kit features sliding curtains to open the space for multiple uses.

AirCage Retractable Batting Cage System AirCage

Electric, retractable batting cage kit offers convenient space-saving storage in your facility


nCage In-Ground

In-Ground batting cages available in four different styles, our most popular outdoor system

Above Ground

Portable above ground batting cages perfect for light duty use

Batting Cage Systems At a Glance

Indoors Outdoors Collapsible Multi Lane Electric Retractable Portable Lightweight
CurtainCage check check
ShellCage check check check
AirCage check check check
nCage check check check check
Above Ground check check check

CurtainCage collapsible batting cage is the easiest way to safely install your net. It's the most popular indoor batting cage kit in the industry because it's easily collapsible for space saving storage. The majority of our customers building a cage at home prefer CurtainCage but it's also used in indoor sports facilities nationwide.

ShellCage multi-lane batting cage features sliding divider curtains. The easily collapse curtains allow you to quickly an create open the space for fielding and other activities, making this our most popular choice for indoor facilities.

AirCage retractable batting cage retracts to your ceiling in minutes, so that you can open your sports facility for other activities.

nCage in-ground batting cage frames offer a range of options from basic home kits to heavy duty professional frames. Inserted into the ground for stability, yet portable! Frame poles slip into Ground-Sleeves (concreted), allowing for off-season storage.

Above Ground frames - We also offer a selection of light duty above Ground frames if your cage needs to be portable or if you can't dig to set the ground sleeves needed for our nCage frames.


Frame Hardware

Hi, We have a batting cage frame that's been up for around 10 years but we need new hardware to hang the net off the frame. Please help Rich --------------------------------------------------- Hi Rich, Thanks for contacting us about your batting cage frame. We can certainly provide new hardware for the setup. I'm assuming you needed cable lines for the frame. If you could, please provide the type of setup. I'll need to know how many frame sections you have, the diameter of the poles and the length of the frame. Ideally it was also be helpful if you could provide some pictures of the setup so I can see exactly what type of hardware...

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Backstop Netting and Poles

Hi, I'm a high school baseball coach and we're looking to replace the backstop on our field including new poles. I was wondering if you can provide all the items. Thanks, Tanner --------------------------------------------------- Hi Tanner, Thanks for contacting us about the backstop. Unfortunatley we can't provide the poles for your setup since that's not something that we really specialize in. We can definitely provide the netting but we typically recommend contacting a local fence company or general contractor to install and provide the poles. Depending on the height of your net, they should have a better idea of how deep to...

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Portable L-Screen

I'm looking for a L-Screen that can be moved easily but is still durable. Please help Thanks, Sam --------------------------------------------------- Hi Sam, We have several different L-screens that are both portable and heavy-duty. The addition of a wheel kit is considered what makes the screens portable: Bullet L-Screen Muhl Tech Pro L-Screen These also have or can have padding added to help the frame last...

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Outdoor Netting Enclosure with No Roof

I'm building a perimeter net to help contain balls at a elemenatary school. The area measures about 200'L x 90'W and the nets need to be around 12'H. Is that something you guys can help with? Jeanette --------------------------------------------------- Hi Jeanette, Thanks for contacting us about the equipment. We can certainly help you with this setup. With the dimensions you provided, you'll want to set the poles about 25' apart on the 200' side and 30' apart on the 90'side. This will mean you'll have a total of 22 poles around the perimeter. The size of our standard poles are 20'H and 6-5/8" in diameter. We'll run cables between...

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3 Easy Tips for Preparing your Indoor Sports Facility for the Winter Rush

Now that winter time is rapidly approaching, we've created a guide to help facilities make sure you are ready for the busy season. Condition of Netting This is the time to make sure there are no weak points or fraying starting on the threads.  This can be done by simply inspecting the threads and pulling on the mesh.  Just take care to not pull to hard on the net.  We have net repair kits available that can help with mending problems with small sections: Net Repair Kits This kit contains an 8' x 8' panel along with variable sizes of twine.  Perfect for patch repairs on sections that tend to wear more quickly on your net.  This is...

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Top Batting Cage Questions

How can I get a quote for this system?

How long will this Batting Cage System last?

Is this system safe hanging over-head in my facility?

What can I anchor cable to?

How far can I span my cable lines without vertical support points - and will I have much sag?

What size poles do I need for minimal sag?

How many frame sections will I need for my net?

Will I experience "ball ricochet"?

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