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Pitching Mounds FAQ:

Q: How is a Game Mound different from a Practice Mound?
A: Game mounds have tapered edges to conform to a field, which are safer for game play. Practice mounds have straight edges & are designed only for straight-ahead pitching practice.

Q: Why do you have different lengths & widths?
A: You don't want a player to stride off the end of the mound which would cause an uneven landing. Taller players need longer mounds. Wider mounds are designed for taller players to practice the wind-up from all areas of the rubber.

Q: Are your mounds portable?
A: They are by nature, but some are easier to port around than others. The 2-piece "portolite" are the easiest, but all can be moved with the help of a few people & a truck.

Q: What are they made of?
A: Most are made from a high-density foam, but others are made from fiberglass.

Q: Will the foam get smashed?
A: Not under normal usage. It's a HD stryo-foam designed for impact. However, a fiberglass mound will outlast a foam mound simply by virtue of it being a harder material.

Q: Which is better, foam or fiberglass?
A: It depends on your preference. Foam mounds are lighter & easier to transport, but fiberglass are more durable and will stay in place better. Some people also believe they feel more solid under your feet - which is a pro to some & a con to others.

Q: Is the turf durable?
A: All mounds use a spike-resistant turf which is UV-resistant, but will eventually wear-out in the impact areas. How long it lasts depends on how much abrasion they are exposed to.

Q: Can the turf be easily patched or replaced?
A: Turf patching is fairly easy in a small area. Complete resurfacing is relatively easy by experienced personnel and requires a limited amount of adhesive.

Q: Why is shipping so expensive?
A: Most all portable mounds are 1-piece, several feet in length, and a couple hundred lbs or more. This is considered "extreme size & weight" by the truck-lines, resulting in higher transit costs. Shipping to a commercial location will be cheaper than residential.

Q: Where do your mounds ship from?
A: All mounds ship direct from their respective manufacturers throughout the country. Timelines are dictated by the warehouse, so please contact us for an estimated arrival date if your timeline is urgent.

Q: What is the warranty?
A: All mounds carry their respective manufacturer's warranty, which begins upon delivery. Please inquire for a specific mound's warranty period. Please keep in mind no mound will be warranted against turf wear.

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