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Pitching Machines FAQ:

Q: What's the difference between "arm" or "wheel" machines?
A: This is the style by which the pitch is thrown. "Wheel design" machines either uses 1, 2, or 3 spinning wheels to propel the ball. Generally the more wheels, the wider variety of pitches that machine can throw, such as curves, sliders, forkballs etc. "Arm-action" machines from the Master Pitch company use a steel arm which rotates around to hurl the ball. The advantage of these machines is the batter's ability to see the ball for a longer period of time, and work on timing as it's released from the arm.

Q: Are there cons to using arm machines?
A: The draw-back of arm-action machines is that they can only throw fastballs, no "junk" pitches.

Q: Are wheel machines good for practicing timing?
A: Wheel machines can also allow batter's to practice timing, but look for a machine with a long & highly visible "entry chute", so there is a longer period of time between when the operator releases the ball and it's projected from the machine.

Q: I found a comparable looking machine from Acme Super Awesome Machine company for half the price, are they any good?
A: We recommended buying from one of the 5 manufacturer's listed above. Yes there are alternatives, but these companies have proven track records for many years, and stand behind their products. We hope other companies emerge to compete which will only make the industry better, but until then we can't recommend other manufacturers because we realize how much usage machines receive, and it's imperative to use a machine with year's of proto-typing under it's belt, a high quality motor & great mechanics.

Q: What else should I look for in a machine?
A: Look for machines that throw a variety of types of balls, such as synthetic PVC, dimpled, & leather. Your batter will eventually want to practice using leather balls, but dimpled balls are good for practice environments and can be safer for younger inexperienced players.

Q: How do I know what type of balls to use?
A: Always uses the manufacturer's balls or get a referral from them on the optimal ball for their machines, which have been calibrated to pitch a certain density ball at maximum speed & performance.

Q: Can I use a variety of balls in my machine?
A: No. When you have selected your type of balls for a machine, always use 100% the same balls in that machine. Never mix & match dimpled & leather, or various manufacturers. The speed & pitch location can be significantly different & cause a safety hazard.

Q: Where do your machines ship from?
A: All machines ship direct from the manufacturer. This maintains your full warranty, and keeps shipping costs low.

Q: Are your machines in stock?
A: Most manufacturers keep a full supply in stock at all times, but there are periods when they are back-ordered. Just check with us or one of the manufacturers - if they have it in stock, then so do we.

Q: How much is shipping?
A: This depends on the machine, but most machines with exception of Iron Mikes can ship via Common Carrier (UPS or Fedex), so average about 20% of the product cost. Iron Mike machines ship Motor Freight and shipping to a business is cheaper than a residence. Just check with us for a quote.

Q: Do you price-match?
A: Yes, and in most cases we even will beat the price. Just email us a link showing the same item and we will respond within 1 day with a price confirmation.

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