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AirCage FAQ's

What is NOT included with the Kit?

  • Batting Cage Net -- we don't include a net in the price because there are many options with prices that vary greatly - so we prefer to let our customers choose the best net for their situation. If you need a recommendation, just ask.
  • You may review our Stock Size Net options - OR get an instant quote here, for a custom size or heavier gauge. We highly recommend using #42 or #60 Nylon for programs with heavy usage. Remember, you wouldn't put KIA quality rims on a Cadillac.
  • Installation -- our Professional Installation crew based in Ohio can install this AirCageTM system in ANY building. Don't make the mistake of attempting to save a few hundred bucks for cheap help which may be cheaper per hour, but will most likely take twice as long overall -- in the end it's just not worth the liability. View pictures of our installation crew's previous work - and review a list of some of our references. Just ask for direct contacts.

How can I get a quote for this system? top

  • First, if you have a skilled fabrication shop & engineer on your staff, we are happy to simply send you our basic kit, as outlined here - base pricing applies for the basic kit. Please keep in mind that based on your facility specs, custom fabrication may be required to make the system compatible with your ceiling. We highly recommend providing us with your specs & pictures, and allowing our experienced crew to perform the fabrication for you, which is done at a very reasonable price.
  • The most important step to receiving a Finalized price quote is to complete our online Questionnaire Form, and also return several pictures of your facility -- the sooner we have this info, the sooner we can finalize your hardware list & quote -- you may also fax the completed form to 1.800.577.3046
  • You may review our general pricing for 3 different sizes here.
  • If you need to print a copy of an estimate for our standard 70'L x 14'W system, you may find it here: Generic Pricing Proposal.
  • This system can also be customized to fit ANY size building - so feel free to Contact Us for a price estimate for another size.
  • If you would like "firm" pricing, we will need to review your facility specs & pictures, to ensure the system is designed to be compatible with your ceiling instantly out of the box. Don't be baited by lower priced systems, which will be a "one size fits all" design, and may require a large amount of fabrication after you receive it to make it fit with your ceiling -- leave this to the experts and let us do it right the first time.
  • Please also provide several pictures: 2-3 full-scale of entire facility, and 2-3 focused on area in ceiling targeted for installation. Also include pics of any obstructions in ceiling, i.e. ducts, divider curtain, piping etc.
  • Contact Us with any questions about this process, or to get assistance with completing your Specs.
  • If you don't have all the info or pics the 1st time, please just complete as much info as you can, and we will attempt to finalize your pricing, and will let you know if we need additional info.

What are the potential up-charges, and what equipment does it require? top

You may review a list of some of the items we have used in the past to create work-arounds to make the system compatible with various facilities, here. However, please realize that this list is not exhaustive, and pricing may vary - this is simply to provide a "ball-park" of the potential up-charges so you aren't caught completely off-guard.

We should mention that we have yet to find ONE facility we weren't able to install this system in - and we have performed hundreds of jobs over the past several years, and encountered virtually EVERY obstacle.

What is your definition of a standard facility that requires no up-charges? top

*A "Standard" facility which is instantly compatible with our "base" system, and requires no additional hardware, includes the following main features:

  • Flat ceiling
  • Bar-Joist "truss" Ceiling structure with Angle-Irons
  • Angles include at least a 1/2" open gap between them
  • Cage can be positioned parallel to trusses
  • Trusses are 14' (on-center) apart, or 7' apart or less
  • Trusses are symmetrical throughout facility
  • There are no other beams or trusses which hang lower than the mounting surface, which will obstruct with the cage path or cables which need a clear path to the winch
  • Ceiling height of 25' or lower (distance from floor to "mounting surface" / trusses)
  • Winch can be mounted to truss or solid block wall
  • There is at least as much room between the end of the cage and the winch, as there is height from the floor to the ceiling. i.e. If there is only 10' between the end of the cage & the winch, but the cage needs to retract up 20', it would only be able to retract a total of 10', so it would not be completely retracted to the ceiling - this is where the Return Pulley System comes in.
  • No obstructions hang below the trusses or "mounting surface" (includes lights, ducts, piping, wires, air-socks, banners etc.) -- these all obstruct the path of the cables which feed into the pulleys -- these can be worked around by our shop fabricating tube extensions which maneuver around the obstacle.

*Please realize that this list is not exhaustive. If your facility does not meet all of the criteria above, don't panic - we may still be able to avoid using additional hardware, or the up-charges may not be too high. Review the list of potential extra hardware needed here, or simply contact us to discuss your situation. We can make this system work in ANY facility for a reasonable price - we offer the best value in the industry, guaranteed.

How long will this Batting Cage System last? top

  • If the cage is treated well - meaning no one is permitted to hang on the net or frame, & the motor is not abused with rapid start & stop activity, this system will easily last 25+ years.
  • The first item you will need to replace is the net, which can have a life-span ranging from 1-15 years depending on the quality chosen.
  • We recommend regular inspections of this system (which should be done with any overhead equipment), to ensure it is still secure. The frequency is dependent on your level of use, but annual inspections are advised.

Is this system safe hanging over-head in my facility? top

Yes, it is VERY safe and secure. Our crew takes no shortcuts, and we have the strictest of codes to ensure the system is installed with the proper hardware which is specifically Rated/Certified for this type of application. The winch is also attached in 9 different points, and uses vibration-proof Nylon bolts which will not come loose during usage.

The overall weight of our 70'L x 14'W standard sized system (including net) is 550 lbs, which equates to only 7.8 lbs per linear foot. The overall weight is also dispersed by approximately 16-18 pulley attachment points, which requires each attachment point to support about 30-50 lbs at the absolute maximum.

We have had ZERO accidents or injuries during the past 7+ years of installing this system (hundreds). However, just in case, of course we do maintain Workers Compensation & Liability Insurance with The Hartford (company name Practice Sports, Inc.), so in case of a freak accident, you are covered. However, our Liability coverage expires after the first year, unless a certified inspection is performed by an independent company, or us. See directly below for more info on safety inspections.

Regular Safety Inspections: top

We STRONGLY recommend performing regular safety inspections of all over-head equipment, including ours. Our equipment should NEVER come loose, but you just never know who may have accessed the system and compromised it's integrity - and with the risk of injury you can't afford NOT to know for sure.

The frequency necessary depends on usage, but at a minimum we recommend annual inspections by a certified company. Relocating the system or modifying/altering/"fixing" the system in any way also voids any liability and warranty, unless otherwise explicitly approved by Practice Sports, Inc. in writing. Please contact us to discuss your plans prior to making modifications.

If you would like our crew to perform an inspection of your batting cage or any other equipment in your facility such as bleachers, basketball hoops, divider curtains etc., simply Contact Us for a quote, and we would be happy to help.

We do also offer maintenance services for a variety of other gym applications - so just ask!

*Practice Sports, Inc. and all of our subsidiaries / partners are not liable for any injury or damage sustained as a result of usage of our equipment.

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