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Used Turf Shipping for Single Roll

Hi, I was looking at the used turf on your website. I’m looking to get a single roll and wanted to get the shipping since it says to contact you. Thanks, Adam ————————————————— Hi Adam, Sure, not a problem. I will actually need the shipping zip code in order to get shipping. There are some […]

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Current Used Turf

Hi, I only need a single roll of used turf you have on your website. Can I please get a quote with shipping? Thanks, Amare ——————————————————– Hi Amare, Sure I can send over a quote. The used turf is available in a 50’L x 15’W rolls. Since these have the rubber infill still in them […]

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Used Turf Minimum Quantity

Hi, I saw your used turf listing on your website and was wondering if we can purchase a quantity less than the minimum shown of 7,500 sq ft. Thanks, Wyatt ————————————————— Hi Wyatt, Thank you for contacting us about our used turf. It really depends on how much turf you needed. We can offer less […]

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Used Turf Availability

Hi, I need some used turf but need it delivered here in about 3 weeks, is that possible? Thanks, Smokey ————————————————— Hi Smokey, Thank you for contacting us about the used turf. Receiving the turf in 3 weeks shouldn’t be a problem. It typically takes around 4-5 business days to ship and the transit time, […]

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Used Turf

looking for 10,000 to 50,000 sf Thank you, Roland ————————————————— Hi Roland, Thanks for contacting us about the used turf. We have tiered pricing so here’s the breakdown: 30,000 – 59,999 sq ft+ Cost: $.80 / square foot with FREE Shipping to Commercial Address 15,000 – 29,999 sq ft Cost: $.90 / square foot with […]

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