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Gym Curtain Vinyl to Mesh Ratio

We’re looking to purchase a sliding gym curtain at our local YMCA. I see there’s usually a vinyl bottom on these curtains. Is there a certain height on that vinyl? If not, what height would you recommend? Thanks, Mikela ————————————————— Hi Mikela, Thanks for contacting us about the Manual Sliding Gym Curtain. There is not […]

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Custom Gym Divider Curtain Calculator Walkthrough

The Custom Gym Divider Curtain Calculator is the easiest way to order a gym divider curtain on the internet. This brief walkthrough will help show you just how easy it is. The first step is to determine what type of ceiling structure you have in your facility. Most ceiling structures fall into 3 categories, Flat, […]

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How to Maximize your Gym Space – Quick Transformation (2 options)

Dividing your gym or sports training facility can be easy and effective, with the right equipment. Using a gym curtain is becoming more popular in sports training facilities and high-school gyms, to allow for increased privacy, and more usable space to practice & play. Gym dividers are typically made from a combination of solid vinyl […]

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