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Mound Tarps

Hi, I’m looking for a new tarp to cover our mound. Our old one was pretty light so I was hoping to get something with a little more weight. Please let me know what you have. Thanks, John ————————————————— Hi John, Thanks for contacting us about the mound tarp. We have weighted field covers that […]

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SafeFoam Fence Padding

I got a quote for 5 SafeFoam sections and am wondering why the shipping is so high. It’s $159.00 for 5 – 8’L sections. Thanks, Jim ————————————————— Hi Jim, Those SafeFoam pads are shipped as 8’L units so they must go freight. Ground shipping is not an option with this oversized shipment, regardless of the […]

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Fence Toppers for Baseball & Softball Fields

We have many people looking for fence toppers for their chain-link fencing on baseball and softballs fields.  Often, without the fence toppers fields will have an imcomplete or feeling that something is missing.  These can also be used as protection as many chain-link fences have sharp edging on the top that is typically bent down […]

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How to Buy a Field Cover

  There are two basic types of infield covers. There are base, or spot covers, and there are full field covers. To help determine which cover or covers you need for your field, you’ll need to consider three factors: field size, how you’ll be using your field covers, and the frequency of field cover use. […]

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