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Support Forum: Best Option for Basement Batting Cage Net Setup

I was inquiring about the best set up for a hitting tunnel in my basement. The dimensions of my basement that I would be willing to sacrifice toward the hitting tunnel are 45′ long by 12′ wide by 8′ high. There is a section of this 45′ length (about 25′) that is 9′ high. I would still need to mount lighting (already bought flourescent shop lights to mount to ceiling along the 45′ run). Not sure if it is even feasible to make an affordable hitting area for a 13 year old. I do have additional distance that I could pitch from outside the net through a hole to the batter. Looking for guidance into the best course so I do not destroy my house in the process of making a better hitter!


Hi Tom,

You will need about 1′ of space between the top of the batting cage net and the lighting. You would want to keep the net height at about 8′ since you want to leave around 1′ of sag on the ground to prevent balls from going out underneath the netting. Please keep in mind that you probably won’t be able to throw from very far away since the net ceiling height would be about 7′ high.

The easiest way to hang the net would be to run cable lines from wall to wall.

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