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Our Favorite Outdoor Batting Cages

Spring is the most popular time to install outdoor batting cages, which means its the perfect time to review the pros and cons of our 3 favorite in-ground outdoor batting cages. We’ll even take a quick look at netting so that you order the right net for cage, your players, and your coaches. Batting Cage […]

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Now Offering Free Shipping on Batting Cage Installation Hardware

One of our primary goals at Practice Sports is to save our customers money. One of the ways we do that is by educating them on our products so they only buy what they need for their home sports equipment project. Another way we do that is by constantly trying to decrease shipping costs on […]

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New Baseball Facility Equipment

Hi, We are in the process of finding a new facility for baseball. We’re going to need netting, turf, hardware, and any other equipment to outfit the building. Based on what I’ve found on your website, I assume you’d be able to provide everything we need. We prefer to have a one stop shop to […]

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Financing With Direct Capital

We now offer financing through Direct Capital. This is ideal for customers who can’t afford to pay the full balance up front so we can ship the items on an order as soon as it’s approved. Why finance your purchase? Convenient monthly payments Low rates, flexible terms – up to 72 months Keep your assets […]

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AirCage Questionnaire

My school is looking to get a electric retractable cage. How do we get a quote? Paul ————————————————— Hi Paul, Thanks for contacting us about the batting cages. Here is our general info on the Electric AirCage systems: Electric AirCage There are two base models, a 1.0 version and a 2.0 version. With the 1.0 […]

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Turf for Small Area

Hi, I need to cover a area in my yard about 6′ x 8′. Do you have a small roll of turf that can be used to cover that? Thanks, Jack ————————————————— Hi Jack, Thanks for contacting us. We have rolls available in 12′ wide so if we can get a 4’L x 12’W roll […]

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Cable Kit with Drop Lines

I’m looking to install some cable lines for a batting cage net and use some drop lines to allow me to put the horizontal cable lines. Can you help? Thanks, Michael ————————————————— Hi Michael, Sure we can help you with the drop lines. I would need to know the height of the net and the […]

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Info For MasterPitch C-82 Pitching Machine

Hi, I’m looking at purchasing a C-82 master pitch pitching machine. Just had a few questions. Is there a protective screen available for this? Does the masterpitch standard remote work with the C-82? I was told by a different seller that they have to make adjustments to the machine for the remote to work? I […]

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Batting Cage for Home Use

I am thinking of putting a batting cage in my basement for my two children and I was trying to find out some pricing information. I have a limited space to work with and a low ceiling. A rough estimate of the dimensions are as follows: 6.5′ high, 10′ wide, 30′ long. I was interested […]

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Help with Turf

I need one roll, 50 x 15. Not sure what to get Thanks, Lenny ————————————————— Hi Lenny, Thank you for contacting us about the turf. We have several different options for that roll size. In order to recommend a roll, I’ll need to know a little more info. Please answer these questions: What type of […]

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