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Current Used Turf

Hi, I only need a single roll of used turf you have on your website. Can I please get a quote with shipping? Thanks, Amare ——————————————————– Hi Amare, Sure I can send over a quote. The used turf is available in a 50’L x 15’W rolls. Since these have the rubber infill still in them […]

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Column Padding

Hi, Do you guys provide pole padding? Need to cover a 2′ diameter pole in the middle of my facility. Thanks, Nick ——————————————————– Hi Nick, Yes, we sell custom column padding. I just need to know the height you wanted as well as the color of the padding and the zip code where it’s shipping. […]

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Triangle Net

Hi, I’m looking for a small triangle net and was wondering if this is something you sell. Thanks, Harry ——————————————————– Hi Harry, Sure we can build any size net you need. Please send a sketch of the size you need and we can provide pricing. Here is a link where you can view some info […]

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Repairing a Net

Hi, I saw that you sell net repair kits online. Can I just use a custom net and cut off sections to repair larger sections. I see those kits only come with 8’x8′ panels. Thanks, John ————————————————— Hi John, Thanks for contacting us about netting. Yes, you can use a custom barrier net and cut […]

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CurtainCage with LineLift Kit

I’m looking to install some cable lines for a batting cage net and use some drop lines to allow me to put the horizontal cable lines. Can you help? Thanks, Don ————————————————— Hi Don, Sure we can help you with the drop lines. I would need to know the height of the net and the […]

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Field Tarp with Logo

Hi, ARe you able to put logos on field tarps? Thanks, Jeremy ————————————————— Hi Jeremy, Yes, we are able to put logos on field tarps. Just send us an example of what you wanted and let us know the size of tarp as well as the size of the logo. Thanks again, Cory Schneider | […]

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How to Hang Wall Padding

Hi, I don’t quite understand how the Z-channel works to connect your wall padding to the wall, can you please explain? Layla ————————————————— Hi Layla, Thanks for contacting us about the Z-Channel. This product is an angled channel that needs to be attached to the wall and to the back of the wall padding. As […]

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FenceCrown Shipping

Hi, I received a freight quote for fence crown and was just wondering why the shipping is so high. Thanks, Greg ————————————————— Hi Greg, Thanks for contacting us about the FenceCrown. I see that you received a quote for a single 250′ coil. This is a hollow tube that can’t really be effectively compacted for […]

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Home Batting Cage

I am thinking of putting a batting cage in my basement for my two children and I was trying to find out some pricing information. I have a limited space to work with and a low ceiling. A rough estimate of the dimensions are as follows: 6.5′ high, 10′ wide, 30′ long. I was interested […]

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WindScreen Product Shipped to Puerto Rico

Hi, We’re looking to put windscreen around our tennis court in Puerto Rico. If I send the dimensions are you able to ship to Dorado, Puerto Rico 00646? I’d appreciate any info! Thank you, Victor ————————————————— Hi Victor, Yes, we can ship the windscreens to Puerto Rico. Please let us know what size panels you’re […]

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