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Custom Gym Divider Curtain Calculator Walkthrough


The Custom Gym Divider Curtain Calculator is the easiest way to order a gym divider curtain on the internet.

This brief walkthrough will help show you just how easy it is.

The first step is to determine what type of ceiling structure you have in your facility. Most ceiling structures fall into 3 categories, Flat, Peaked, or Irregular. For this tutuorial, lets select a flat ceiling structure.


The next step is to enter the dimensions of your curtain.


Measure your height from floor to ceiling, and then subtract about 2” to allow for attachment hardware. The curtain can have any ratio of vinyl to mesh. If you need an all mesh curtain, simply enter 0 into the vinyl entry box. Or if you need an all vinyl curtain, simply enter 0 into the mesh entry box. Once you’ve entered your dimensions, click the orange ‘Calculate’ to continue to the next step.

gym-curtain-mesh-color gym-curtain-vinyl-color

At this point you can select your mesh and vinyl colors, then click the ‘Select Color’ buttons to continue.

The next question is whether or not you need installation hardware. Unless you’re ordering a replacement curtain, you’ll probably need hardware. If you do decide to purchase hardware now, you can save an instant ten percent on the hardware order.


And if you’re not sure what kind of hardware you need, don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it. For this example, let’s add hardware to the order.


You’ll then be asked if you want to add a motorized or manual installation kit. Whether or not you can utilize a motorized curtain can depend on a few different factors, so for the purposes of this tutorial, let’s select a manual curtain.


At this point you’ll enter your track length. It may or may not be the same as your wall to wall span.

Once you’ve entered the track length, we’ll prepopulate the basic gym curtain installation hardware that you’ll need. You can add to or delete hardware depending on your specific application. For instance, we select 6 foot sections of track because it’s a more stable option than 8 foot sections. However, 6 foot sections may not be applicable in all situations.


If you’re planning to store your curtain parallel to your wall structures, you’ll need to add a radius kit.


End stops will also be auto populated.


For most applications, the basic track connectors will work for ceiling attachment, but if you need one of our other options, you can select from ceiling clamp or threaded rod connectors. (You’ll have to source the threaded rod locally.)


You can also select from nylon or steel roller wheels.


We offer free shipping on our gym curtains, which is a great deal, but expediting options are subject to availability for an added cost.

Custom logos are also available for your gym curtain for an additional cost. If you do decide to add a logo, you’ll need to upload it to us.

For now, let’s move on and review your order. At this time if you need any changes to your order, simply select ‘Edit’ and you can return to that point in the process.


If everything looks good, you can ‘Add to Cart’ and continue shopping.


As you can see there really is no simpler way on the internet to order a custom gym divider curtain.

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