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Curved Track Section

Hi, We purchased some track & trolley hardware from you a few years ago. We’re now looking to extend our track runs so they can curve around inside our building. Is this possible? Michael ————————————————— Hi Michael, Yes, we sell curved track sections that can fit your existing straight tracks. These have a 2′ footprint [...]

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Backstop Product for Batting Cage

Hi, I have a net and I’m looking for a product to put on the batter’s end to help deaden the balls. Do you have something you’d recommend? Angela ————————————————— Hi Angela, Yes, we have several products that can be used in that fashion. We have both vinyl and rubber backstops. You can view all [...]

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Custom Ceiling Brackets for CurtainCage Cable Kits

When choosing to use a CurtainCage system (wall to wall cable kit) which allows you to slide the net on cable lines, sometimes cable lines can’t be anchored into wall whether it’s due to obstructions on the wall or longer gaps between walls.  When this is the case, we have options to anchor the cables [...]

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Track & Trolley Kits to Hang Netting

Our track & trolley systems are the most durable method to use hanging a batting cage net or gym divider curtain.  They can be customized to fit any building and are ideal in both commercial and private facilities. Since the track and trolley hangs from the ceiling, there’s no need to anchor hardware into the [...]

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