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Opening Baseball Facility, Not Sure Where to Start

Hi, We are in the process of opening a facility and aren’t exactly sure where to start. We do know that we would like 2 tunnels inside our building which is about 4,000 square feet. We’re open to any suggestions. Thanks, Dusty ——————————————- Hi Dusty, Thanks for contacting us regarding the facility. Here’s a rough [...]

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Payment Options

Waht forms of payment do you take? Anthony ————————————————— Hi Anthony, We take all major credit cards; Visa, MasterCard, American Express, & Discover. We will also except electronic checks or E-checks, Paypal or you can mail a check in. We also accept purchase orders from schools and city municipalities. Let us know if you have [...]

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Custom Triangle Net

Hi, I’m looking for a small triangle net and was wondering if this is something you sell. Thanks, Harry ——————————————————– Hi Harry, Sure we can build any size net you need. In order to get some pricing on the materials we offer I could need a sketch to see the distances if it isn’t a [...]

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Blue Soccer Nets

Hi, I hope all is well. I am inquiring about a set of custom, professional quality box soccer nets that I am interested in ordering. I am looking for a pair of black and light blue striped nets. Ive seen the options you offer on your website, but am wondering if there is any way [...]

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Looking for Electic Retractable Cage System

I’m looking to get a quote on a couple of your systems. I have some plans I could send over but I’d like to get a price on the electric retractable and the collapsible cages. I wasn’t sure who to contact for a quote but could supply more information once they contact me. Thanks! Marlena [...]

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Batting Cage Installation

Do you offer batting cage installation services in my area? Thanks. Tom Fitzgerald ——————————————– Hi Tom, Yes, we offer nationwide batting cage installation. Please let me know what style you are looking for – indoor or outdoor cages and if you could also supply a few pictures of the area. Thanks. Chad Schneider [...]

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Custom Curtain Cage

I am thinking of putting a batting cage in my basement for my two children and I was trying to find out some pricing information. I have a limited space to work with and a low ceiling. A rough estimate of the dimensions are as follows: 6.5′ high, 10′ wide, 30′ long. I was interested [...]

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Sliding Batting Cages

Hi, I have a few questions regarding sliding batting cages. I am looking to purchase one for my high school team and would like some assistance. Thanks. Mark ——————————————– Hi Mark, Thanks for inquiring about our equipment. The best starting spot for the CurtainCage could be to get the dimensions of the area where the [...]

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Backyard Net

I’m looking for netting that will keep balls (soccer, football, etc.) from going into the neighbors yards (almost daily). They will not take abuse at all short of the SoCal sunshine. What do you recommend, and do I need to provide poles, or do you sell these too. Thx Tim ——————————————– Hi Tim, Sure we [...]

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Custom Netting Timeline

Hi, Need to know how quickly I can get a custom size net. Thanks, Glen ——————————————– Hi Glen, Thanks for inquiring about our netting. Our standard timeline for fabrication is about 10 business days. We may be able to get the timeline down to about 5-6 business days for a fee. We would put the [...]

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