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36 oz Nylon Turf Shipping Timeline

Hi, I’ve been looking at the turf on your website and we’ve decided to go with the Triple-Crown Nylon 36 oz. How quickly can that turf ship? Thanks, Stephen ————————————————— Hi Stephen, The Turf360 – 36 oz Nylon – Triple-Crown Turf can ship within 2-3 business days plus the transit time which will depend on [...]

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Drainage for Turf

Hi, I want to purchase some turf but need an option that can be drained. Can you help me or have something that can drain? Thanks, Alison ————————————————— Hi Alison, None of the new turf options we offer have the drainage holes included. Our shop no longer creates drainage holes on these as well. If [...]

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6′x12′ Poly v Nylon Stance Mat Weight

Hi, I’m can’t decide between purchasing a nylon or poly 6′x12′ stance mat. Can you provide the weights on each? Thanks, Chuck ————————————————— Hi Chuck, The 6′x12′ Nylon Stance Mat weighs 63 lbs and the 6′x12′ Poly Stance Mat weighs 62 lbs. The nylon option isn’t much heavier but it has a longer life-span. Please [...]

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Gluing Turf in a Basement

Hi, I want to put in some turf in my basement. The area is about 30′x 15′ and I wanted to know if this needs to be glued down or if I can just lay it on the concrete floor. Thanks, Justin ————————————————— Hi Justin, Thanks for contacting us about the turf. The weight of [...]

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Can’t Get Shipping Price on Turf on Website

Hi, I added some turf to my cart on your website but I can’t get a shipping quote. Just wanted to see if you could help me out. Brett ————————————————— Hi Brett, Thanks for contacting us about the turf. Some turf products on our website can’t be calculated because they have to ship freight and [...]

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On Deck Circle to Ontario

Hi, I’m located in Ontario and need (2) 5′ On Deck Circles with Logos. Is that something you can ship to Canada? Thanks, Brad ————————————————— Hi Brad, Yes, we can ship on deck circles to Ontario. We would just need the postal code and please send an example of the logo you wanted printed on [...]

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Used Turf August 2017

Just wanted to see what you have available for used turf Tony ————————————————— Hi Tony, Thanks for contacting us about the used turf. We do currently have used turf. The rolls are available in 50′L x 15′W Rolls and a minimum purchase of 7,500 sq ft if required. Here is the breakdown of pricing and [...]

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Your Baseball Field and You: Halo Kits

Halo Kits for baseball and softball fields are more becoming more commonly used for all types of schools and cities with large and limited budgets.  Halo Kits outline the area behind home-plate.  A high-quality halo kit will prevent this area from being worn out from regular foot traffic, reducing costly grass maintenance. Halo kits are [...]

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6 products that gave an Omaha sports facility an EXTREME MAKE-OVER..

Practice Sports got the call from Mic Johnston one late summer afternoon, on a Tuesday, in Omaha, NE. The Vision Mic had the vision. And a darn good one. All he needed now was industry expertise, cutting edge equipment .. and a team of pro-grade installers. He made the right phone call.Mic had big dreams [...]

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Practice Sports Playbook Year In Review

The past 12 months was the most popular year for the Practice Sports Playbook ever. Not only did we see increased visitor traffic, but we wrote and posted more articles than in any previous year. Here are five Playbook articles that helped give our customers the info they needed to help save time and money [...]

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