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Batting Cage in a Hangar Part 1

A customer, David, called us up not too long ago. He’s a grandfather and wanted to put up a hitting cage for his grandkids. He had a large building to put the cage up in, and we can build a custom batting cage net to any size, the only problem was, this building was a [...]

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Custom Netting Features

Our netting can be built with some additional features that add functionality and well as increase productive use of the materials.  This is a following outline of what can be added and the purpose for each addition. First let’s start with the netting materials.  Many people have inquired about the difference between our Standard Nylon [...]

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Why is Nylon the best Batting Cage Netting material?

We covered the history of Polyethylene in Batting Cage Nets a few weeks ago, and now it’s time to take a look at nylon and how and why it’s used as a batting cage netting material. Nylon is a polyamide invented by the DuPont Corporation in the late 1930′s. Nylon was intended to be a [...]

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