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Backstop Netting and Poles

Hi, I’m a high school baseball coach and we’re looking to replace the backstop on our field including new poles. I was wondering if you can provide all the items. Thanks, Tanner ————————————————— Hi Tanner, Thanks for contacting us about the backstop. Unfortunatley we can’t provide the poles for your setup since that’s not something [...]

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Drop Line Distance for LineLift CurtainCages

Hi, I’m thinking of using the 70′ linelift kit you guys offer for the cable lines. I need to use 9′ long drop lines but wasn’t sure if that’s possible, can you help me? Thanks, Trip ————————————————— Hi Trip, You can use 9′ drop lines on the Curtain Cage LineLift Kit. The kit only comes [...]

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ShellCage Multi-Lane Net Installation Instructions Part 1: Installing Your Shell Net

As our ShellCage Multi-Lane Batting Cage Systems become more popular every year, (read how ShellCage multilane tunnels can help increase a facility’s usefulness and revenue), we’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to install them. This 2-part installation guide will help. For example purposes, let’s consider a ShellCage with three standard size tunnels [...]

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Drainage for Turf

Hi, I want to purchase some turf but need an option that can be drained. Can you help me or have something that can drain? Thanks, Alison ————————————————— Hi Alison, None of the new turf options we offer have the drainage holes included. Our shop no longer creates drainage holes on these as well. If [...]

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6′x12′ Poly v Nylon Stance Mat Weight

Hi, I’m can’t decide between purchasing a nylon or poly 6′x12′ stance mat. Can you provide the weights on each? Thanks, Chuck ————————————————— Hi Chuck, The 6′x12′ Nylon Stance Mat weighs 63 lbs and the 6′x12′ Poly Stance Mat weighs 62 lbs. The nylon option isn’t much heavier but it has a longer life-span. Please [...]

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Portable L-Screen

I’m looking for a L-Screen that can be moved easily but is still durable. Please help Thanks, Sam ————————————————— Hi Sam, We have several different L-screens that are both portable and heavy-duty. The addition of a wheel kit is considered what makes the screens portable: Bullet L-Screen Muhl Tech Pro L-Screen These also have or [...]

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Custom Netting Timeline to Build

Hi, Just wondering how long a custom net takes to build. Thanks, Joe ————————————————— Hi Joe, It really depends on the type of material used. Here’s a general breakdown on the materials & timelines: Basic Nylon — 8-10 business days Nylon with Latex Dip — 12-14 business days DuPont Nylon — 8-10 business days DuPont [...]

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Cable Line Thickness

Hi, I have a question on the thickness of the cable lines. I’m planning on running cable lines 45′ between my walls, do you recommend the 3/16″ or the 3/16″ cable lines. The

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Steel Wall Plate with Multiple Anchor Points

Hi, I was going to run some cable lines between my walls and had a question on the wall plates with the multiple anchor points. What exactly are those used for? Thanks, Britt ————————————————— Hi Britt, Thanks for contacting us about the wall plates. The wall plates with the multiple anchor points are used for [...]

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Gluing Turf in a Basement

Hi, I want to put in some turf in my basement. The area is about 30′x 15′ and I wanted to know if this needs to be glued down or if I can just lay it on the concrete floor. Thanks, Justin ————————————————— Hi Justin, Thanks for contacting us about the turf. The weight of [...]

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