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Loose Lead-Core Rope on Netting

Do you guys sell the wegihted lead core rope on cages as a stand alone item? Angie ————————————————— Hi Angie, Thanks for contacting us about the lead-core rope. Yes, we sell that as a separate item. We have two different options on those: There’s two different options listed. The Econo and the Premium. The premium [...]

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Replacing Pitching Machine

Hi, We have some older model pitching machines that haven’t been working properly. Do you guys service pitching machines? We tried to contact the original manufacturer but it doesn’t look like they’re in business any longer. Patricia ————————————————— Hi Patricia, Thank you for contacting us about your pitching machines. Unfortunately, we don’t service pitching machines. [...]

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Can’t Get Shipping Price on Turf on Website

Hi, I added some turf to my cart on your website but I can’t get a shipping quote. Just wanted to see if you could help me out. Brett ————————————————— Hi Brett, Thanks for contacting us about the turf. Some turf products on our website can’t be calculated because they have to ship freight and [...]

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On Deck Circle to Ontario

Hi, I’m located in Ontario and need (2) 5′ On Deck Circles with Logos. Is that something you can ship to Canada? Thanks, Brad ————————————————— Hi Brad, Yes, we can ship on deck circles to Ontario. We would just need the postal code and please send an example of the logo you wanted printed on [...]

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Home Batting Cage Basics

We’ve been answering questions about home batting cages since 2001, but we still get more questions about how to install a home batting cage than any other topic, so it’s a good chance to review the subject. Home Batting Cage Size You can put a batting cage up in almost any size room. As long [...]

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Tapered Netting

I’m needing a custom tapered batting cage net. Is that something that you guys can build? I already have a frame in place. Tom ————————————————— Hi Tom, We can build any size net you need. Since you already have poles in place, it may be easier if you could provide a layout of where they’re [...]

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Used Turf August 2017

Just wanted to see what you have available for used turf Tony ————————————————— Hi Tony, Thanks for contacting us about the used turf. We do currently have used turf. The rolls are available in 50′L x 15′W Rolls and a minimum purchase of 7,500 sq ft if required. Here is the breakdown of pricing and [...]

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Netting for Soccer

Need soccer net 16 x 30 or possibly 12 x 30 depending on what you think to stop soccer balls from going over the fence at a high rate of speed. Needs to be weatherproof as it will stay up you’re around and as eye pleasing as possible. Thank you, Christie ————————————————— Hi Christie, Thanks [...]

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Custom Gym Divider Curtain Calculator Walkthrough

The Custom Gym Divider Curtain Calculator is the easiest way to order a gym divider curtain on the internet. This brief walkthrough will help show you just how easy it is. The first step is to determine what type of ceiling structure you have in your facility. Most ceiling structures fall into 3 categories, Flat, [...]

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Transform Your Facility With a ShellCage Multi-Lane Batting Cage

If you are a facility owner or ever aspire to be one, then this article is perfect for you! My name is Brett Derrig and I am a Facility Specialist with Practice Sports, and I also run a baseball facility, called Triple Play Sports, locally in the Omaha metro.  Four short years ago, I was [...]

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