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WindScreen Logos

I’m purchasing a windscreen for your high school baseball field. We’re looking at having a logo put over the entire panel 6’H x 50’L. Can you guys do this? Thanks, Ken ————————————————— Hi Ken, Yes, we can certainly put a logo over an entire panel. We have two different options. We can use a Fence […]

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Current Lead Time on Custom Nets

Hi, Our summer baseball league needs to get a custom #60 Nylon 50′ x 20′ net within the next few weeks. Is that possible? Thanks, Chris ————————————————— Hi Chris, Our current lead time to build that net is around 8-10 business days. The transit time will depend on your location. Typically these have a 2-5 […]

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Replacement Part on Big Bubba Elite

I need to get a replacement part for the Big Bubba Elite. The bracket for the back wheel with the handle broke. That is the part that’s used to move the backstop. Is that something I can buy? Thanks, Danny ————————————————— Hi Danny, I checked with the manufacturer and that is a component that is […]

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Turf for Deck

I need some turf for the deck at my house. Is there something you recommend? Thanks, Don ————————————————— Hi Don, I would recommend using our 36 oz Triple Crown Nylon turf. This is available with or without a foam pad. These are only available on 15′ wide rolls so depending on your deck size, it […]

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Residential Net

I’m looking for netting that will keep balls (soccer, football, etc.) from going into the neighbors yards (almost daily). They will not take abuse at all short of the SoCal sunshine. What do you recommend, and do I need to provide poles, or do you sell these too. Thx Tim ——————————————– Hi Tim, Sure we […]

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Mound Shipping

Hi, I tried to get shipping on a mound on the website but it says to contact you for the price. I need one of the BullPen Mounds 9’L x 5’W x 10″H shipped to Olathe, KS 66062. Thanks, Jane ——————————————————– Hi Jane, I will send over an official quote for that mound. The freight […]

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Golf Netting

how would you compare your netting to nylon netting as far as uv resistance is concerned? Thanks, Mike ————————————————— Hi Mike, The poly netting is treated with a UV inhibitor, the same as the nylon netting. Sunlight will still affect the life-span of the net but the treatment will definitely help to expand the esimated […]

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Vinyl Cover on Lacrosse Netting

Hi, Our facility needs a new lacrosse net but we need a solid divder on the bottom to limit the view between the play areas. We don’t necessarily want a gym curtain. Is it possible to purchase a net and a separate vinyl panel to create the separation? Thanks, Robert ——————————————————– Hi Robert, Yes, we […]

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