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New Baseball Facility

Hi, We’re opening a new baseball facility and saw your website. It looks like you have everything we need to outfit the facility so I was just wondering what the best way to go about getting pricing. Thanks, Wyatt ————————————————— Hi Wyatt, Thanks for contacting us. We defintely have everything you need to equip your […]

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New Baseball Facility Equipment

Hi, We are in the process of finding a new facility for baseball. We’re going to need netting, turf, hardware, and any other equipment to outfit the building. Based on what I’ve found on your website, I assume you’d be able to provide everything we need. We prefer to have a one stop shop to […]

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Custom Ceiling Brackets

When choosing to use a CurtainCage system (wall to wall cable kit) which allows you to slide the net on cable lines, sometimes cable lines can’t be anchored into wall whether it’s due to obstructions on the wall or longer gaps between walls. When this is the case, we have options to anchor the cables […]

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ShellCage Multi-Lane Net Installation Instructions Part 2: Installing Your Divider Curtains

This is Part 2 of ShellCage Installation Basics. This section is devoted to installing the Divider Curtains for your ShellCage. Click here to read Part 1 of this Guide on Installing the ShellNet for your ShellCage. These curtains are collapsible along overhead cable lines and allow you to open up your space to help make […]

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How to Get an AirCage Quote

My school is looking to get a electric retractable cage. How do we get a quote? Scott ————————————————— Hi Scott, Thanks for contacting us about the batting cages. Here is our general info on the Electric AirCage systems: Electric AirCage There are two base models, a 1.0 version and a 2.0 version. With the 1.0 […]

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Used Turf Minimum Quantity

Hi, I saw your used turf listing on your website and was wondering if we can purchase a quantity less than the minimum shown of 7,500 sq ft. Thanks, Wyatt ————————————————— Hi Wyatt, Thank you for contacting us about our used turf. It really depends on how much turf you needed. We can offer less […]

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ShellCage Multi-Lane Net Installation Instructions Part 1: Installing Your Shell Net

As our ShellCage Multi-Lane Batting Cage Systems become more popular every year, (read how ShellCage multilane tunnels can help increase a facility’s usefulness and revenue), we’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to install them. This 2-part installation guide will help. For example purposes, let’s consider a ShellCage with three standard size tunnels […]

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Steel Wall Plate with Multiple Anchor Points

Hi, I was going to run some cable lines between my walls and had a question on the wall plates with the multiple anchor points. What exactly are those used for? Thanks, Britt ————————————————— Hi Britt, Thanks for contacting us about the wall plates. The wall plates with the multiple anchor points are used for […]

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NetShield – New Heavy Duty Batting Cage Impact Mesh

For those of you building a cage in a confined space, Practice Sports is very proud to present NetShield, an easy and  cost-effective solution for protecting walls, HVAC, and windows. VIEW PRICING / ORDER NET SHIELD HERE Standard batting cage netting is not designed to be installed ‘trampoline tight’ so it allows some push-through from […]

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Expert Sports Facility Advice

Hey Everyone! My name is Brett Derrig and I am a Facility Specialist with Practice Sports. I have operated an indoor baseball facility for 3 years now and that experience has enabled me to give prospective customers advice on what they should and shouldn’t do on their next facility purchase! When it comes to turf […]